New 'Mockingjay' Clip Shows Katniss' Muderous Side

I’m not so sure the latest clip from Mockingjay — Part 2 would make peace advocates very happy. Especially since it seems to shrug off any potential for the citizens of Panem to kiss and make up with a rousing moment of patriotism. Instead, in the clip that was first released by Buzzfeed, the scene shows a frustrated and decidedly “over it” Katniss Everdeen talking to Johanna Mason (played by Jena Malone). As they stand by and watch the festivities around Finnick and Annie’s wedding, Katniss talks about how she can’t keep giving speeches about the actions that need to take place in order to out President Snow, the brutal dictator. “I can’t make another speech about it,” Katniss says to Johanna. “I’m going to kill Snow.”

Well then! I guess we can bank of this being a rather bloody installment of The Hunger Games, with proclamations like that, because Katniss seems more determined than ever in this clip to stop talking about making a change in their political infrastructure and start making moves to do so. And I can’t say I blame the girl. It has been three movies of talking about overthrowing President Snow, and, yet, he’s still there, sitting pretty in the Capitol and running the show as if the threat of Katniss’ uprising doesn’t even affect him.

It’s clear from this clip that the time for talking and inspiring people to action has ended. The time for taking up arms and making bold moves has begun. This version of Katniss seems more serious than ever. Lucky for her (and her cause), everyone in her world seems to support her desire for murderous rage. In response to Katniss’ claim that “Nothing good is safe while he’s alive,” Johanna laughs delightedly and says, “Now you’re talking.” With that kind of response to homicidal promises, I can only imagine that this movie is going to be a bloodbath.

So make sure you bring your smelling salts with you to the theater, because the amount of action that is bound to be present in this movie won’t be for the faint of heart.

Buck up, Hunger Games fans. It’s time for the real action to start.

Image: Lionsgate Entertainment