How To Add More Art To Your Apartment On The Cheap


When it comes to making sure you actually want to spend time in the spaces you pay half of your income to inhabit, there's nothing more important than ensuring your surroundings look like a reflection of who you are. They say that your desk is a reflection of your state-of-mind, but I think it's really the art that you surround yourself with that reflects a more intimate part of your psyche. "Art," by the way, constitutes everything from the color of your linens to the framed photos you have laying around. The biggest mistake people make is believing that to have "art," or be invested in it at all, you have to know prestigious artists and spend mega bucks on original canvases that are objectively beautiful and skillfully done, but ultimately just make you shrug and go "eh."

No, no, no. There are so many great and easy ways to make sure that you have things surrounding you that complement and support what you want to do and how you want to feel each day. It's akin to what people do with "vision boards," just on a larger-scale. Essentially, what you show yourself day-in and day-out begins to embed itself in your subconscious, and you start making decisions based on that subconscious bias, leading you to accomplish what it is you really want. But you get the point: art is important, and for much more than just looking "sophisticated." Here are a few super easy (and relatively inexpensive ways!) to get more beautiful things in your space, and regret your rent check going out a little less each month.

Create Your Own Prints And Posters Using A Service Like VistaPrint

It's super easy to just go on and design your own text and background combo (they have all the tools you need on the site) and then have a perfectly sized matte or glossy print sent right to your home. This is great for simple, powerful messages you want to surround you all the time.

Support Local Artists And Order Off Of Sites Like Etsy Or Society6

Rather than just pick up some standard looking decor that everyone else will have from the well-frequented department stores, browse the really unique and absolutely stunning art from sites like these. You're supporting small business, individual art and the beautification of your apartment all at once. What else could you ask for?

Make A Piece Of "Art" Out Of Something Meaningful You Already Have

Frame your favorite poem, or put a picture your little niece made for you on display.

Buy A Canvas And Create Something Yourself

Don't be intimidated by some paints and a brush — painting is a super relaxing (and very fun) way to unwind. Whether you're just doing paint splashes in your favorite colors, or a design you saw on Pinterest, it's better to be imperfect and your own than just a carbon copy of what everyone else has hanging above their coffee tables.

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