'Fargo's Season 1 Cast Weighs In On Season 2

As an anthology series, Fargo has the opportunity to tell a different story every season while keeping the same creative crew and maintaining a similar tone and mood across seasons. Fargo's first season was a huge success, so it's no surprise almost every crew member came back to tell a new story about crime in the midwest. However, telling a new story every season means that they need to re-cast every year which means the Season 2 cast of Fargo doesn't have any of the characters that fans fell in love with in Season 1 (aside from a much, much younger Molly Solverson that is). However, in lieu of seeing their faces we can get the Season 1 cast of Fargo's opinions on Season 2 instead!

Some of the Fargo Season 1 cast seems to be treating the new cast much like a graduating senior class would look upon the incoming student at a new educational institution: With a fond remembrance of the times they had and a hope that the new generation will be able to carry on the legacy that they created a precedence for. So far it seems that the cast members who have chimed in on the quality of Fargo's second season agree that it's a fantastic show, and are celebrating its continued success. Here's what they have to say.

Allison Tolman Wanted To Be The Golden Child

Allison Tolman, Season 1's breakout star, wanted to live in a world where her season is fondly remembered as the best, but she can't help but enjoy the quality of Season 2.

She's Also A Huge Tedhead

Allison Tolman is likely a fan of the whole Fargo cast, but she is especially a fan of Ted Danson. If you are looking for a celebrity guest for that Ted Danson podcast you and your friends are thinking of putting together, it sounds like Allison Tolman would be perfect.

Jordan Peele Thinks Fargo Is Top-Notch

Popular comedian Jordan Peele, who appeared with his frequent partner-in-comedy Keegan Micheal-Key, in Season 1 as partners-in-crime-fighting, seems to have the utmost faith in showrunner Noah Hawley.

Bob Odenkirk Is Enthusiastic About The New Cast

When not busy filming his Emmy-nominated Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk sounds like he's taking the time to enjoy Fargo Season 2 as an audience member after being a large presence in Season 1 as the usually inept Police Cheif Bill Oswalt.

Joey King and Glenn Howerton Miss Each Other

Although Joey King and Glenn Howerton didn't have any words for the Season 2 cast, they did use Twitter to try and re-connect and express interest in working together again post-Fargo. I think that's a buddy cop movie that everyone would like to see put into theaters.

Not that Fargo Season 2 wasn't great on its own, but it's even better now knowing it has the Season 1 cast's stamp of approval.