Rogelio's Past Came Back To Haunt Him On 'JTV'

Though it usually focuses on a Catholic family's values, this week Jane the Virgin tackled the topic of Scientology in pretty much the most clever way possible. If you recall, last week Rogelio's ex-wife Luciana attempted to blackmail him regarding a secret from their past in order to get her role back on The Passions of Santos. However, we had no idea what this mysterious information could be… until now, that is. Apparently, back in 2001, Rogelio wanted to join Scientology and while he only did it because it was all the rage in celebrity circles back then, it's become a very serious problem for him in the present day.

Because just like most secrets, they're bound to come back to back to haunt you, especially when your ex-wife holds the keys to that particular skeleton in your closet. Not only was Luciana around to witness his religious experience firsthand back then, but she was now also in possession of the audit tapes Rogelio made as part of the initiation. So it was either he hire her back onto the show or she would make sure those tapes saw the light of day. Obviously, this wasn't the greatest situation for Rogelio to be in and forced him to do exactly what she wanted. Fortunately, that didn't end up lasting very long.

Proving that they really do make for a dynamic duo, Xo and Rogelio enacted a plan to get Luciana out of their lives for good. All Xo had to do was steal Luciana's bus full of rabbits (yup, that was an actual thing that happened) and offer to give them back if (and only if) Luciana signed a non-disclosure agreement to never say a word about what was on those tapes. And just like that, Rogelio was in the clear and back to maintaining a happy relationship with Xo. (Though he didn't want even her to hear what was on those tapes.) So you can't help but wonder — if Rogelio was able to keep his Scientology background a secret for so long, then what else could he be hiding? I bet Xo is wondering the exact same thing.

Image: Greg Gayne/The CW