Kylie Jenner Tries Baby Bangs

The Kardashian clan's biggest coif chameleon —or "koif khameleon" if you want to get cutesy— has done it again. In a year that has seen her go from teal blue to granny gray to golden blonde to really long and flowing to short and shoulder grazing, Kylie Jenner now has baby bangs. The teen added short, razored fringe to her shoulder-length, blunt-cut bob, which she showed off in a photo booth while celebrating her big sister Kendall Jenner's birthday.

While the bangs are super cute and fashion-forward, do yourself a favor and don't get used to them. The baby bangs, which are choppy, purposely uneven, and land above Jenner's full, dark brows, are likely "here today, gone tomorrow" clip-ins that she was just experimenting with on a whim or for this particular occasion.

Anyone who follows the reality star knows she doesn't commit to a hairstyle for the long term. She switches her 'do with her moods and always keeps us guessing. She rocked Cleopatra bangs this summer and debuted heavy fringe at the 2015 VMAs. But the bangs were gone soon after.

Jenner, who went back to blonde to celebrate her family's Cosmo cover and who has showed off her natural, mid-length bob, posed with model Gigi Hadid and other pals in a bunch of goofy shots.

BTW, doesn't Hadid, who is rocking an ear-to-ear grin, look a bit like Kate Hudson in this snap? Right? She's got that boho chic thing on lockdown.

More importantly, Jenner should think about making bangs a more permanent addition to her hair, especially with this blunt cut. It just... works.

The gang's all here! While the elder Jenner sister looks amazing with her full, air kiss-blowing lips, the eye is immediately drawn to Kylie Jenner's bob. She is rocking that Bettie Page x Louise Brooks x flapper girl style.

Choppy bangs rule, especially on Kylie Jenner.

Here's one of her sources of inspo — '20s-era flapper actress Louise Brooks. Jenner's bangs and bob were way shorter, but the spirit is similar.

Bettie Page is almost always pointed to as the source of inspo for glossy, raven-hued bangs. It's as though Jenner pulled from two different style icons from two different generations with her party hair.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You can revisit all the times Kylie Jenner did bangs. It's not a super common style for her, but she does go there every once in a while. I always lobby for her to keep them. She has a great face shape for bangs.

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