Karlie Kloss Goes Mega Glam On 'Vogue' UK Cover

Guess who has notched another Vogue cover? No, it's not Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid appearing on more international editions of the fashion bible. Their fellow model Karlie Kloss covers Vogue UK for the mag's December 2015 issue and she is mega glam in a backless, emerald green dress with long sleeves and statement earrings.

The publication loves the model, as she just covered Vogue in China. Her shared cover with her bestie Taylor Swift for the U.S. version back in March was pretty epic, as well. Kloss has endless global Vogue covers in her repertoire.

What's most striking about this cover, other than her supremely arched brow and her beautiful face? Kloss' unusual and unique pose, actually. She didn't go topless; she went backless.

First, she is showing off back cleavage. Her creamy skin and her spine are on full display, thanks to the deep dip of the back of her dress. It's refreshing to show off skin that has nothing to do with her breasts or the front of her body.

Second, she is looking back over her shoulder. That's a signature Swift pose. Kloss looks super coy and sexy by glancing backwards with a blank expression on her face. It's so mysterious.

It's also oh-so-glam. Her dress is certainly festival and appropriate for the holiday season.

Kloss is ready to party. What a pretty dress.

These are some of my favorite Kloss covers, since they run the gamut of styles, presentations, and looks.

Throwback Tuesday! This was Kloss' first Vogue UK cover for the publication's September 2012 issue; her look was so '80s. She has come such a long way in three years.

Kloss was mega glam in hot pink for the September 2011 issue of Harper's Bazaar in Australia. She has commanded innumerable international covers and always, always blows us away.

Kloss rocked French girl style, thanks to her beret, and peacock-like lashes for a May 2013 cover of Style.

For the September 2013 issue of Indonesian Marie Claire, Kloss' features and her cheekbones were the focus of her dewy, no makeup cover. This was minimalist chic at its finest.

Kloss was effortlessly glam in a charcoal gray cardi and jacket for the September 2015 issue of Flare. Sexy menswear, yo!

Is it me or does Kloss look like her BFF Swift on the cover of the July 2013 issue of the Thailand edition of Vogue, which was the music issue? The bangs, the wavy bob, the darkly rimmed eyes, the cheekbones... the guitar! It was a very Swiftian presentation!

These covers demonstrate how Kloss can pretty much rock any look. From uber glam to glamsual to tomboy chic, she can pull it off.

Images: Vogue (3); Harper's Bazaar (1); Style (1); Marie Claire (1); Flare (1)