17 Kendall Jenner GIFs For Tricky Situations

The Kardashian-Jenner family is made up of a lot of different people, which means that there are a wide variety of personalities. Not everyone is as outgoing as Kylie or as outspoken as Khloé. Case in point, Kendall Jenner is arguably more shy than most of her siblings, but she can say a lot without actually saying anything. If you’ve caught even one episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you know that the elder Jenner girl may stay mum on many issues, but that doesn’t mean her facial expressions don’t say it all for her — 'cause they totally do.

Many times in our lives, we are faced with situations where we are dying to say something but can’t. Not because we’re lacking the vocabulary, but because as evolved adults, we know that sometimes it would just be inappropriate for whatever reason. But that doesn’t mean that our mature understanding of how the world works doesn’t annoy us. And it doesn’t mean that we, like the model herself, don’t find other ways to let people know how we truly feel. What I’m trying to say here is, I found the perfect outlet for voicing your frustration, folks, and you can thank Jenner for it.

Here are 17 Kendall Jenner GIFs for when you can’t say what you really want to say.

1. When You're Hanging Out With You & Your Ex's Mutual Friends, & They Say He's Been Asking About You

You'd respond, but that would mean you actually care.

2. When Your Sister's Looking For Her Fave Shirt & Can't Find It Anywhere (But It's Because You Lost It)

*screams internally*

3. When Someone Tells You They Love You, But You Definitely Don't Love Them Back

So kind. So sweet. So brave.

4. When A Random Stranger Tells You To Smile

The best response is to just cheese it. Hard.

5. When You Have To Pretend Like You're Cool With Constructive Criticism

I love being told I'm wrong! Especially in detail!

6. When Someone Subtweets You But You're Above Social Media Retaliation

But you're definitely, definitely not against a passive aggressive "favorite." Or is it a "like" now?

7. When Your Boss Says Something Completely Erroneous But You Can't Correct Them Because You Like Getting Paid

Whatever. It'll make for good happy hour conversation.

8. When Someone With A High School Sweetheart Tries To Give You Advice On Modern Dating

You know they mean well, but you also wish they could kindly shut up.

9. When You're Looking Through Pics On Your Friends Phone & Stumble Upon Nudes Without Warning

In the end, it'll just bring you closer. Sort of.

10. When Your Friend & Her Boyfriend You Hate Show PDA Around You

It really can be nauseating.

11. When Your Friend's Cooking Is Awful But You Don't Want To Hurt Their Feelings

*shoves entire undercooked mini quiche in mouth at once to get it over with*

12. When Your Mom & Aunts Get Drunk & Reveal Wild Family Secrets

...That they won't remember telling you when they're sober.

13. When You Totally Don't Agree But Have To Pretend Like You Do

Mhmm. Oh yes. Totally.

14. When The Barista Gets Your Order Wrong, But You Can't Complain Because You Go To This Particular Cafe Three Times A Day

You want to throw it in the trash, but who are you kidding, lattes are expensive.

15. When You Accidentally Overhear Something About Your Parent's Sex Life

Death would be a sweet release.

16. When That Person Who Gchats At Work All Day Gets A Raise

And you wonder what the hell you're doing wrong.

17. When You Get The World's Worst Haircut & Have To Hide Your Downward Emotional Spiral To The Stylist

Because you're a good person. Too good of a person. But mainly because you're trying to stop crying in public as much.

You know what they say: a Kendall Jenner GIF is worth a thousand words.

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