Did Justin & Selena Just Have Bad Timing?

I am about to make an embarrassing confession: I absolutely loved Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez together, but only while it actually worked. The second Bieber started street racing and peeing in mop buckets, I immediately hopped off the good ship Jelena. I tend to see Gomez as a little sister, despite the fact that we are complete strangers, and I hated the fact that she kept breaking up and making up with someone who seemed to be veering so far off course and breaking the law on a regular basis. But even now that they seem to be officially broken up, there's still that chance that they'll find their way back to each other someday, and if you ask the "Sorry" singer, they might have a better chance once they're older. During a recent appearance on Access Hollywood, Bieber admitted that the big problem in his relationship with Gomez was timing, and he could be onto something.

While talking about his upcoming album, Purpose, the 21-year-old mentioned that three songs on the album are about his ex-girlfriend, plus one that didn't make it on called "If I Would Have Met You In Five Years."

"How true is that? How many people go through life and end up meeting someone and it feels so right, but it's just the wrong time?" Bieber said."So many people can relate to that."

Now that he mentions it, I think he has a point. It's not that there wasn't love and a connection there between Bieber and Gomez — their chemistry proves that there was. And if they had started dating when they were fully formed adults? It might have lasted forever.

Bieber's Bad Boy Phase Would Be Behind Him

Remember that mop bucket I talked about earlier? Bieber's spent the past year on an apology tour, trying to make up for his rebellious teen mistakes, and it seems like he finally has his head on straight again. If that had happened before he and Gomez had ever met, it wouldn't have factored into whether or not their relationship worked, and Bieber would be a better person for having gone through it and coming out the other side — thus way more prepared for a relationship.

They'd Both Be More Mature

With age comes maturity, which is why most high school relationships don't last as long as adult ones do. If they'd had those extra five years to grow up, their relationship would have been better for it. I mean, of course nobody has any idea of what actually went on with their relationship, but I'm willing to bet there were at least a few minor, petty things that never would have come up in a relationship between adults.

They Would Be Settled Into Fame

Bieber and Gomez started dating at a truly crazy time in their lives. Imagine being a teenager and all that comes with it, and then add being one of the most recognizable faces in entertainment on top of it. Suddenly, you're working long hours and everybody wants a piece of you, and when you start dating? Strangers want all the details on that, too. That'd be difficult for anyone at any age to handle, especially while keeping a relationship afloat. But these days, they both seem like they're better adjusted to living in the spotlight.

As much as I'm anti Gomez/Bieber reunion right now, I think when they're older, it could totally work. Besides, their children would be flawless!

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