Dean Munsch & Feather Face Off On 'Scream Queens'

Dean Munsch is a riot and all, but she's also seriously sketchy and many of us have suspected that Munsch is working with the Red Devil on Scream Queens. Well, I've got good news and bad news. As of the Nov. 3 episode "Beware Of Young Girls," there's still no direct link to Munsch and the Red Devil — and it was made clear that Gigi is the one calling the shots as she ordered someone to, "Please go kill some people." (Naturally she just had to do this over the phone so none of us could see who's working for her.) And, now for the bad news — Dean Munsch killed her husband in a super gruesome manner and made sure that Feather McCarthy, the Kappa Sister who he left her for, was arrested and in a straitjacket by the time the episode concluded.

Before Munsch used a blood-stained bologna sandwich to frame Feather, the former Wallace University student and Kappa Sister met with Pete and Grace to give them the scoop on the Dean. After Feather fell in love with Munsch's husband, who happened to be her Beatles 101 professor, he asked for a divorce and the Dean predictably didn't respond well. After she kicked him out of their home, he moved into Kappa House (so I am now completely convinced that Wallace University has literally no rules). Things got seriously creepy from there, and Munsch started showing up everywhere Feather went — clad in an identical outfit as Feather every single time.

After Munsch successfully had Feather kicked out of Kappa, she finished her degree online and moved in with the Dean's husband. But, Munsch wasn't through with her yet — she showed up at their home and knocked a transistor radio into the bathtub while Feather was relaxing in a bubble bath. (Rude.)

When Munsch's ex-husband was first found dead, with his body dismembered and his head in a fish tank, the Dean was placed under arrest and taken to a mental hospital. She seemed to really enjoy her stay there, because she got some much-needed rest and spent her days drawing — and it looked way more enjoyable than her thankless job at Wallace. But, all good things must come to an end and she had work to do. Specifically, she needed Pete and Grace on her side in order to bring down Feather — and she promised some intel on the Bathtub Baby in exchange.

As it turns out, Munsch had been planning to kill her ex-husband and frame Feather for quite some time. As she explained in her creepy monologue: "[Feather] messed with the wrong Dean of Students." Then she poured herself a drink and toasted to "young girls getting what they had coming to them."

The unhinged Dean has a serious problem with the idealization of youth and beauty in our culture. And, hey, I totally agree with that particular point — I just don't think the solution is to go around dismembering exes and framing young women for murder. In the flashback sequences, her tactic of wearing the exact same outfits as Feather was an interesting one. Although it was clearly her method of messing with Feather's head, it also served to show viewers the lengths some women feel they must go to in order to preserve the essence of youth, rather than embracing the positive aspects of aging that our society all too often ignores.

Munsch concluded her monologue with her own catchphrase: "Nothing tastes as good as revenge feels." However, the best revenge would have been to say "Adios" to any husband who thinks youth and beauty are the ultimate qualities to seek in a partner.

Image: Patti Perret/FOX