Why We Can't Trust Dean Munsch On 'Scream Queens'

When it comes to dealing with fictional serial killers, Jamie Lee Curtis is your woman. She was dubbed the original Scream Queen for her work with the Halloween franchise and her mom, Janet Leigh, famously played Norman Bates’ shower scene victim in Psycho. Now Curtis' role as Dean Munsch on Scream Queens may be the one that finally lets her be the one make other people scream. But has the screamer become the killer? Is Dean Munsch working with The Red Devil?

As the quirky Ryan Murphy horror comedy marches deeper into Season 1, fans have been teased with clues, alliances, and possible affiliations with The Red Devil, or Devils. With each murder and twist, viewers get closer to figuring out who the campus killer is or isn’t. And, many fans have suspected Kappa-hating Dean Munsch since the very first episode — if not even sooner.

So is Dean Munsch the killer? We're only about halfway through the season, so like most Scream Queens characters, she isn’t out of the woods yet as a suspect or a victim. But in her case, I'm leaning towards the former. Here are eight reasons why Dean Munsch is probably in cahoots with The Red Devil.

1. She Hates The Kappas

Dean Munsch could not have made this more clear, and I'm excited to hear more of her backstory explaining why she has her sights set on this particular sorority house. She also has made her hatred of Chanel Oberlin crystal clear. Then again, Dean Munsch seems too smart for her vendetta against a young woman to turn into a killing spree.

2. She Went Through A Mysterious Divorce

The divorce will become less mysterious after we meet Feather McCarthy, played by Tavi Gevinson in “Beware of Young Girls.” What we do know is that Munsch is mad that her husband left her for the 19-year-old Feather. Was Feather a Kappa? Could there be a motive here?

3. She Makes Killer Promises

When Wes, Grace’s dad, first confronts Dean Munsch about the murders happening on campus, she assures him that the murderer would not kill his daughter. “I can guarantee that,” she promises. How exactly can she do that, unless she has a direct line to the Red Devil?

4. Her History On Campus

This wouldn’t be the first time Munsch buried a Kappa body. She was the one spearheading the cover-up of the '90s Kappa sister who died during childbirth, after all.

5. She Is Really Into Cover-ups

For an innocent woman, she sure deflects a lot of media coverage on campus and is resisting shutting down the university. Munsch is constantly trying to distance campus from the killer, to the detriment of the student body. Suspicious.

6. She Was Notably Absent in “Seven Minutes In Hell”

Seven Minutes In Hell” was a pretty big episode. Three people died! But, you know who wasn’t anywhere to be seen? Dean Munsch. Gigi and Wes were also suspiciously MIA. Is anyone else having trust issues with the authority figures on this show?

7. Let’s Not Forget The Noise Machine

When Munsch and Gigi temporarily moved into the Kappa house, the Dean practically forced Gigi out of the room with the slasher movie setting on her sound machine, which was weird enough on its own. Then Gigi gets attacked by The Red Devil, even though we soon learned that she is working with the killer, adding more intrigue to this scene. What was Munsch's goal here?

8. Maybe The Red Devils Aren’t All Working Together

OK, we know there is more than one Red Devil. Could it be that Gigi (who we know is working with a Red Devil) is working with the killer, while Munsch is suiting up as the Red Devil too, but to scare the real killers off campus? When Pete broke into the Dean's office and was faced with the Red Devil, he wasn’t murdered, just humiliated. Maybe Munsch kicked Gigi out of the room because she was onto her game, and was smart enough not to want to sleep next to her.

In this multiple devil minion scenario, it’s hard to guess who would have sent the one that attacked Gigi and Wes. But, it is weird that Gigi fought the devil, if she is working with them. Maybe this Gigi vs. Munsch drama goes deeper than we realize, and each is pulling the strings on a Red Devil of her own. This theory may not be perfect, but it is interesting to think that maybe the Devils aren’t all on the same team, or even all killers. No matter their agenda, at this point on Scream Queens, it's safe to assume that Dean Munsch has a sinister one of her own.

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