You Might Be Seeing This on Broadway

At this point, it's just a fact. Everyone, whether they're 5-year-old girls, 40-year-old parents, or 80-year-old men, loves Frozen. The Disney movie about two royal sisters, one of whom possesses dangerous weather-controlling powers, has taken America by storm (pun intended) in the weeks since its Nov. 27 release. Fans are enraptured, the studio is making a fortune, and, only a month and a half after its release, Disney is contemplating what they can do to expand the Frozen empire. One possibility? Turning Frozen into a Broadway musical.

The studio hasn't made any announcements, but it's clear that they're putting serious thought into Frozen's post-film life. The movie's soundtrack is already #1 on Billboard, and, as all who saw the movie know, its setting, plot, and songs are practically begging for a live version. It would only make sense for Disney's next step to be taking Frozen to the Great White Way.

When asked about the possibility of making Frozen into a musical, a Disney executive told Deadline that "there’s been no discussion on doing that with Frozen yet, but we are obviously aware how powerful it is and how powerful the music is."

Translation: it's happening. We couldn't be more excited, because Frozen is bound to be the Broadway musical we didn't know we were waiting for. The story, centered on the relationship between the two sisters, is perfect for audiences of all ages, and the songs, already gorgeous in the film, are guaranteed to be even better when sung live on stage.

The huge success of female-centered Broadway shows like Wicked and Mamma Mia! should be enough proof for Disney that Frozen could bring in the crowds, and seeing as the studio has already had Broadway success with The Lion King, there shouldn't be much hesitance about whether Frozen could work on stage.

Unfortunately, Frozen the Broadway musical likely has a long, long way to go before actually becoming a thing. The movie's still in theaters, and Broadway shows take years to come together. In the meantime, fans of the film will have to make to do with seeing it in theaters for the 23,278th time and listening to "Let It Go" on repeat. Because yes, Frozen really is that good.

Image: Disney