Teen Moms Share What They Wish People Understood

If you haven't heard of it before, Whisper is the app where people post their heartbreaking, disturbing, silly and sometimes just fascinating secret confessions. Today, BuzzFeed created a video featuring a number of submissions from teen mom confessions — on how they don't want to be judged, how terrified they are, and generally how becoming a mom at a young age may have been their personal choice, but society is relentlessly judgmental.

Among all the groups of people we put unbelievable, unattainable standards on, mothers in general may be at the forefront. No matter what they do or don't do, society at large seems to be able to find an issue with it: they're too young, they're too old, they're working, they're not working, they're strict, they're too strict, they're single, they're in a bad relationship, and so on. Women in general can barely catch a break in this world, let alone women entrusted with raising the following generations of humans. It's interesting, because if anything, we should be supporting them no matter what — yet this is never less the case than with teen moms.

The stories that these women share are honestly heart-wrenching. Between not wanting to tell anybody of their parental status to feeling like a "statistic," to how people assume that they "have sex with anyone and everyone" to how people say they're "throwing away their lives," they truly shed light on the difficulties of being a young parent — aside from, you know, the logistics of actually caring for and raising a decent human being, which is a struggle no matter what your age. Check out a few of them below, and think twice before you judge someone without really thinking your assessment through.

"I hate always wondering if I'm a good mother."

"I hate when guys assume..."

"She is ruining all else good in my life."

"I regret how fast I had to grow up."

Images: YouTube; Fox Searchlight Pictures