You Can Buy An Emoji Keyboard IRL Now

If you're anything like me, you will take any opportunity you possibly can to use emoji — and thanks to a company called EmojiWorks, this endeavor may just have become a lot easier: The company has just debuted the first-ever emoji-based keyboard. Yes, you read that correctly — now you can use a physical keyboard (like the one attached to your computer) with emoji on the keys instead of plain old letters. Now you can type out all your heart's deepest desires, tell your favorite scary stories, or describe what it's like going back to school entirely in emoji. What an incredible time to be alive!

The keyboard doesn't feature every emoji (a keyboard that did might look something like this); however, it does have all the emoji you could possible need, like the poop emoji, the unicorn head emoji, the taco emoji (yep — emoji from the new update are included!), the snowman and, of course, the iconic yellow smiley faces. Emojiworks says on their website that the keyboard is actually 10 times faster than the standard way of typing emojis (which I already thought was pretty quick), so you can type emojis to all your coworkers and have time for a lunch break, without compromising either one!

They keyboard comes in three different variations: The Emoji Keyboard, the Emoji Plus Keyboard, and The Emoji Pro which range from $80 to $100. With every upgrade, you gain access to more emoji, as well as additional features like skin tone modifiers. They're available for pre-order now; they're expected to ship in December of 2015.

In case the EmojiWorks keyboard isn't enough for you, here are a few more pieces of emoji paraphernalia to get those little emoticons off the screen and into the real world.

1. Emoji Charm Bracelets

Wanna adorn your wrist in with favorite emoji? Emoji Girl lets you customize a charm bracelet with some of your favorite emoji and a gold or silver finish.

2. Emoji Sticker Sheet

Don't have 80 bucks to rep your emoji love with the keyboard? You can buy a pack of emoji stickers from Urban Outfitters for only $12 and put them anywhere you like: Your laptop, your car, the back of your phone, wherever. Or be super meta and put an emoji of a thing on that thing (like put shoe emoji on your shoes).

3. Emoji Keychains

If you like to be more subtle with your emoji passions, try emoji keychains, which you can buy online at Brandy Melville — or even make yourself!

4. Emoji License Plate Frames

We're not yet at the point as a society where our license plate numbers can be emoji, so frames will have to do for now. Head to for customizable emoji license plate frames to spruce up any car.

5. Emoji Glasses

Why not quench your literal thirst simultaneously with your thirst to be looking at or interacting with the tiny little images from your phone at all times? also sells drinking glasses with emoji. I bet if you drink enough beer from them, the emoji will start whispering the secrets of the universe to you.

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