Macaulay's Pizza Band Has A New Video

If you like pizza and The Velvet Underground then you'll love Macaulay Culkin's band, Pizza Underground. Seriously. This exists. Maybe you're like me and heard about it a month ago but thought, "Is this a headline I really want to click?" Well, here's your second chance! Pizza Underground has just released a new music video featuring the band playing three Velvet Underground songs, but all about pizza, of course. "All Tomorrow's Parties" becomes "All The Pizza Parties." "Femme Fatale" is "Pizza Gal." And "Take a Walk on The Wild Side" is reimagined as "Take a Bite of the Wild Slice." The video will make you both hungry and eager to test our your own Nico impression.

In the video the band wear all black and perform in a room covered with pizza (I thought it was pizza wallpaper. Nope, real pizza slices), pizza boxes on the floor — and used as drums! — and slices of pizza dangling from the ceiling. Pizza, pizza, pizza!

Highlights include a female band member doing a very accurate Nico voice while a pizza slice covers her face and Calkin playing a kazoo solo on "Take a Bite of the Wild Slice" while a pizza slice covers his face. Basically there's a lot of pizza slices. Like, soooooo many. It's nice when you see that they're actually eating some of them.

Check out Pizza Underground's new video here!

Image: Getty Images