Kourtney Channels Kylie With Sexy Military Outfit

It's another installment of "Kourtlie." Kourtney Kardashian channeled Kylie Jenner with her outfit choice in an Instagram post that also gave us a keyhole view of her killer closet. Kardashian, a super fit and newly single mother of three, rocked a military-style, oversized, green bomber jacket with over-the-knee black boots, effortlessly combining tomboyish and sexy styles. That's something her baby sister does oh-so-well.

Kris Jenner's "bookend" daughters —that is, her eldest and her baby!— have been sharing some style signatures as of late. It's not as often as Kim Kardashian and the youngest Jenner daughter... but Kourtney and Kylie have complimentary fashion senses.

In this case, Kardashian clearly grabbed inspo from her teenage sister. It was a perfectly executed mix of street and chic. So, yeah, Kourtlie is a thing.

ICYMI, peep Jenner's recent military chic look and you will see the similarities.

I just want to take a hot second to point out that Kardashian is also a model of inspo herself, since she has proven that living well and looking good is not only the best revenge, but it's also the best way to bounce back from a painful breakup. She split with baby daddy and longtime love Scott Disick earlier this year and girl has not looked back.

Instead, she's looked... stunning!

The volume of her bulky coat is balanced by the sexy, OTK boots, don't you think? I am less interested in the skirt, since you can add any black mini with the jacket and boots. Kardashian is petite. But this coat doesn't swallow her up, thanks to her boots, which create the illusion of tallness.

This isn't a look all of us can pull off all the time, but all of us can pull it off in certain situations. Here are affordable options to rock this particular Kardashian's sexy, night out-appropriate look.

This longer bomber is a good start, since it hits at the thigh and can mimic a dress. ($43,

A classic, shorter, and puffier bomber is also perfect for replicating this look and falls more in line with what Kardashian actually wore. You just want to make sure you rock a pair of boy shorts with it. ($40,

Over-the-knee boots are the sexiest Fall 2015 trend. Guess' Dandra pair is foldable and has decent and chunky heel height. These boots totally feminize and balance out the look, which is also comprised of a bulky jacket. ($90,

If you prefer a super sexy, spikier heel, the Guess Bettina boot will give you what you want. ($279,

So easy and so sexy! Do it up sooner than later.

Image: Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (4)