He's Thinking Outside The Bun

What do you do after winning three People's Choice Awards? The same thing you do after meeting up with your kickball league or going out on a bar crawl — you eat greasy fast food! After last night's PCAs the "Favorite Male Artist" did just that. Justin Timberlake visited Taco Bell after his three People's Choice Award wins on Jan. 8 and enjoyed the people's choice tacos.

While most stars attending an award show in Los Angeles would go somewhere like Del Taco for their I'm-a-regular-guy-too tacos, or worse, In-And-Out Burger to snap pics for their famous-singers-love-burgers-y'all Instagram pics, Timberlake kept it real and hit up a fast food joint the entire nation can understand.

Timberlake, in addition to winning "Favorite Male Artist," took home awards for "Favorite R&B Artist" and "Favorite Album" for The 20/20 Experience. The singer attended the show with Ellen DeGeneres while his wife Jessica Biel watched from home or didn't watch and opted to go out with friends instead. Who cares, she missed on out Taco Bell. It's her loss.

Timberlake posted two photos of his Taco/Taco Experience to Instagram. The Taco Bell employees looks pretty happy that he stopped by as they should because he's freakin' Justin Timberlake.

Of the following photo Justin Timberlake wrote, "What do we do after we win 3 PCAs?!?! Easy... Go to Taco Bell!! People's Champ, baby!!"

And this one, "Ok... One more. #PeoplesChoice"

Now let's not think about what he did after Taco Bell. Their food doesn't always have the most pleasant results and Justin Timberlake sitting bloated and crampy on his couch isn't the Justin Timberlake we know and love.

Images: Getty; Justin Timberlake/Instagram