Who Turned Lady Gaga Into A Vampire On 'AHS'?

American Horror Story: Hotel is ripe with mystery, but one of its main characters remains the most perplexing element of the show. Lady Gaga's Countess Elizabeth is one of the show's most prominently featured characters, and yet we know so little about her history. We know that she owns the Hotel Cortez, lost her fortune to a certain high-class crook named Bernie Madoff, and is inflicted with some sort of vampirism virus that she gleefully passes on to those deemed worthy (or, sometimes, just really hot.) There are plenty of fan theories about Lady Gaga's AHS: Hotel backstory, likely because she is the one character who appears completely in control of everyone else. But, was it always like that? Someone turned the Countess into a vampire, and who that person is could shed some major light on her character.

We don't know much about the person that turned the Countess into bloodsucker, but she seems very fond of him. Or her, I guess. In one episode she lovingly stated that this person was "beautiful," which indicated two things. The first is that whoever this person was, they were someone the Countess respected, and perhaps even loved. The past tense is the other indicator: This vampire is either dead, or, at the very least, no longer in the Countess' life.

So who could this person be? There is one American Horror Story character who may make some sense. While we don't know very much about the Countess' past, fans have speculated that she might be the wife of the late murderous hotel owner. Could the Countess have been Mr. March's wife, and if so, could Mr. March have turned her into a vampire?

We have no confirmation that Mr. March actually was a vampire before he died, but he sure does love murdering people, even from beyond the grave. Sure, Mr. March could be a total psychopath (that's pretty much just confirmed, right?) but there may be an even more logical explanation for his blood thirst: He, too was infected with the vampire virus.

As we saw in Wednesday's episode "Room Service," the vampire virus does more than make you crave blood: It also gives you zero qualms about murder. Perfectly pleasant children became calculated killers only moments after being infected with the vampire virus, so it's safe to say that, eventually, vamps will become cold-blooded killers. Mr. March may not show the signs of vampirism in the after life, but it is possible that he was one when he was alive.

If Mr. March is really the Countess' late husband and the person who turned her into what she is today, there may be a reason why these two haven't connected in the afterlife. Perhaps she really did turn Mr. March in to the police so she could inherit the hotel. These two may be avoiding one another within the very walls of their murder hotel. Only time will tell whether these two are really connected, but it's certainly creepy to think about.

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