Who Will Find Morgan’s 'TWD' Prisoner?

The 90-minute Walking Dead episode documenting Morgan’s journey to Alexandria Safe-Zone proved to be important story to tell. The entire episode was entirely necessary, but I think I speak for all of us when I say that now, we're all wondering is if someone will find Morgan's prisoner locked up in Alexandria. Just a quick reminder, the episode followed what happened to Morgan between the last time viewers saw him and his arrival at Alexandria and we pretty much learned why Morgan has been refusing to kill people. At the end we see the camera flash back to present day as he tells his story to one of the wolves that attacked Alexandria. After the Wolf says he's going to kill Morgan and pretty much the whole town Morgan leaves the room and locks the door behind him.

Here's what we know: Morgan was in a spot where his sole mission was to kill anyone and everyone that stood in his path, or clearing as he called it. Then he met Eastman, who transformed him into someone who respects all life and learns the ways of Aikido. Now that Morgan is on the other side, it seems like he's trying to transform the Wolf, like Eastman did for him. That being said, you live in an entire town of people killing the Wolves (and each other), so I'm going to assume that at some point in the future someone will stumble upon Morgan's secret. But who will it be?


Surprisingly I feel like of all the people, Morgan should hope that it's Michonne who finds his secret prisoner. Right now she is the most level-headed person in Alexandria and while she would be pissed about what she found, she might understand the reasoning behind it. Plus, Michonne doesn't seem the type to run away and rat Morgan out to Rick.


Rick is not handling things rationally at all anymore. Does he still have good ideas? Yes, but he used to not be about murdering people so quickly. Of course I understand why he's like that now, but if Rick found the Wolf locked up he would probably be dead and Morgan would probably not be trusted for a long time. I think Rick and Morgan's friendship would probably change forever. Mainly because Rick would not understand Morgan's reasons for keeping him alive.


The Wolf is super dead if Carol finds him first. I think that it would be even worse for Morgan if Carol found him before Rick.


Carl is a wildcard. A part of me thinks that he would run away and tell Rick, but the other part of me thinks that he will be intrigued and try to talk to the Wolf.

Father Gabriel

Father Gabriel literally ruins everything. So no matter what happens, if Father Gabriel finds the Wolf first, he will do whatever the opposite of the right thing to do is.


Enid will set the Wolf free because I'm convinced she's a Wolf and JSS, am I right?

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