Snowflakes Are Frizz-Causing Monsters

There's nothing like the first snow lightly dusting Manhattan and turning the city into a winter wonderland, but snow landing on my just-straightened hair is not as romantic. I wanted to find out if snow affects hair in the winter months and is to blame for my dryness and frizz, or if there's another reason out there.

Growing up in Dallas, Texas, I'm no stranger to weather-induced hair struggles. But most of my knowledge was in regards to warm weather hair issues, so my first winter in New York last year proved a new challenge. I knew I had to turn to professionals for guidance.

According to hair and scalp expert Philip Kingsley's blog, "Hair expands, stretches and changes its protein bonds when wet or damp and this also happens to hair when exposed to changes in the environment ... During a single winter day our hair and hairstyle can be subjected to indoor central heating, a cold and damp outdoor climate, wind, drizzle, snow, shops and public transportation. This, in short, causes your hair and hairstyle to freak out and frizz." Hmmm, so snow isn't exclusively to blame for crazy winter hair, but definitely a contributing factor. Why, snowflakes, why?!

To combat cruel frizz-causing snowflakes and whatever the heck else your hair encounters this season, I've rounded up a set of strategies to prevent poofy, dried out strands. Good luck out there!

1. Silk Scarf And Hat

Silk Oblong Scarf, $38, Echo

To protect your hair from both snow and dreaded hat hair, Huffington Post advised wrapping a silk scarf around your head before popping a hat on top to protect hair without "denting" it. So wise.

2. Weatherproof Hairspray

Weatherproof Hairspray, $30, Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley suggested hairsprays that "discourage moisture absorption into the hair shaft" to shield against the effects of snowy conditions.

3. Clear Dome Umbrella

Clear Bubble Umbrella, $20.99, Target

Just not letting snow touch our hair can work wonders in and of itself. Black Hair Media recommends keeping a clear dome umbrella on hand, as they protect your hair from "sideways" wind, sleet, and snow.

4. Deep Conditioning Treatment

Super Rich Conditioner, $28, Bumble and Bumble

As recommended in Huffington Post, another great way to lock in moisture and seal your strands is a weekly deep conditioning treatment. If you're concerned about over-greasing your scalp, just apply the treatment mid-shaft to tips.

5. Silkening Serum

BioSilk Silk Therapy Serum, 27.49, Target

As soon as you get out of the shower, Prevention suggests running a bit of anti-frizz serum through your strands to make your deep conditioning even more effective.

6. Dry Your Hair

Stepping out in the snow may not give you a cold, but it can wreak havoc on your strands. If the weather is below freezing, your wet hair can literally freeze and becomes extra prone to breakage. Yikes.

7. Embrace The Frizz

Thermafit Reversible, $18, Nike

Sometimes, the crazy winter hair gods win and there's nothing you can do but surrender to their powers. When this happens, reach for a cute warm winter headband, rock a top knot, and get on with your fab self.

Images: Nickolai Kashirin, James Demetrie/Flickr; Courtesy of Brands