Boss Roommates Play Truth Or Drink And Get Real

Navigating the fine line of living with someone is always going to be a challenge; you are always calculating your responses and actions in order to preserve your roommate's feelings. Well, if you ever want to see that thrown out the window, you should watch this video where roommates play truth or drink. That's right. A no-hold-back game of questions, answers, and alcohol.

This reminded me a lot of the video of couples who have broken up, reuniting to talk about their relationships. The answers got brutally honest —in the best ways. This video combines the high stakes of real people and alcohol, two of my favorite things. As I watched the video I asked myself if I could have been as honest as the participants, given the right circumstances. I'd like to think that I would, but you never know. It's not that easy to tell someone you have to live with and see every day something negative about them. To their face! Which is what makes the video amazing in all the right ways.

No matter where you and your roommate met — whether it's Craigslist, school, Tinder, or by happenstance, this video is for you. Maybe you can grab a bottle of tequila and play this at your house. Don't tweet me if this whole thing goes sour, you did this to yourselves. I think I'll skip that last step and live in blissful ignorance. This video is enough for me. But if you are going to play this at home, get ready to get honest. Below are some things to consider before going on this journey of truth.

1. Get Mentally Ready

Don't expect this to be all fun and games. You will hear things you don't want to hear, and say things your roommate doesn't want you to say. So just be ready for the consequences of brutal honesty. You can always just get drunk instead...

2. Nothing Is Off Limits

Everybody poops. So don't be afraid to tell it like it is. Do not hold back. Also, toilet paper is really a reflection of you so do not buy really crappy see-through toilet paper when I come over. I will judge you.

3. Things Can Get Awkward, Quick

Unless you are using this is a crafty way of finding out if your roommate is a potential sexual partner, do not ask if they are sexually interested in you. It can only get weird.

4. Ask Important Questions

If there has been something on your mind that is weighing heavily, bring it up. I don't care if it's awkward finding out that that sex toy was your roommates. Just ask.

If you want to see the full video, you can do so below. Now go on and play this at home, you silly gooses!

Images: YouTube