Kourtney Kardashian Channels Her Inner Gatsby

by Rosie W.

In the spirit of a good partygoer, Kourtney Kardashian dressed the part for Kris Jenner's Gatsby-themed 60th birthday party — with a twist! Rather than go all Daisy Buchanan, Kardashian attended as Gatsby herself. A Kardashian amongst a sea of Kardashians, Kourtney was the only sibling to rock a gender-bending getup at the party, and I've got to applaud her choice, because she looked fantastic. However, it brings to light the privilege that cis women possess: the ability to wear menswear as womenswear largely without recourse — especially if the woman wears makeup and styles her hair, as Kardashian has here.

Let's take a minute to reflect on the gender binary in fashion. There is an entire subculture of androgynous fashion bloggers to be found on the web, and though they are totally on their style game, people who dress outside the gender binary encounter opposition every day. It's important to recognize that if you're drawn to the menswear as womenswear trend, as I am. There is nothing wrong with Kardashian pairing berry lipstick with her suit — it looks great! I also want to pair berry lips with my 20's inspired men's suit. But when I do, I'm going to take an extra minute to think about why it is that I, a cis woman, can do so and be applauded for it, while somebody who identifies otherwise doesn't necessarily have that privilege.

However, the fact remains that this is an awesome outfit, and I want it in my wardrobe. Behold:

Lucky for us, it's a simple look once broken down into its components.

1. Slicked-Back Hair

The slicked back, wet look was all the rage in the 20's, and is totally doable with the proper application of product (read: gel, gel, and more gel). This is easiest to achieve if you have short hair, but can still be done on long hair: just pull your hair back into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, and straighten the loose ends.

2. The Makeup

Kohl-rimmed eyes and berry lips: quick and easy to do.

3. A Ruffled Blouse

Ruffled Blouse, $12, Twinkle Deals

The ruffle softens the sharp lines of the suit. Which brings us to...

4. The Suit Jacket

24 Inch Studio Stretch Jacket, $108, Express

Look for a slim fit with full length sleeves.

5. The Trousers

Studio Stretch Barely Boot Editor Pant, $48, Express

As with the suit jacket, look for a slim fit without any flare or taper.

6. Patent Pumps

Calvin Klein Gayle Patent Pumps, $99, Zappos

Kourtney wouldn't be a Kardashian if she didn't show up to an event in pumps. The pointed toe was popular for men's shoes in the 20's, and these pumps pay homage to the trend.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (7)