7 Times Donald Trump's Campaign Was Funnier Than His 'SNL' Appearance

The reaction was almost completely negative. People didn't think controversy-spewing, GOP candidate Donald Trump did well as host of Saturday Night Live, at all. But his appearance wasn't just unpopular with Latino activists offended by his history of derogatory comments about Mexican immigrants. In general, critics just didn't find Trump or the sketches he appeared in to be funny. Over the past six months, Trump's campaign has heeded funnier moments than his SNL appearance.

There was nothing particularly witty or humorous about Trump's lackluster monologue, as he joked about his notoriously huge ego and tendency to engage in loud, childish feuds with celebrities and politicians, focusing on his feud with Rosie O'Donnell. He then went on to acknowledge criticism of his racially-charged comments toward Latinos in a scripted confrontation with Larry David, who called him a racist, alluding to a Latino activist group that offered $5,000 to SNL audience members to heckle Trump.

Throughout the night, Trump continued to participate in jokes making light of his reputation as a racist. These jokes weren't particularly funny for obvious reasons, one being that his comments on Mexican immigrants and unsettling words about African Americans and birtherism have offended many and resulted in less than humorous consequences. But controversy aside, his performance lacked the comedic energy that his many campaign gaffes and screw-ups so effortlessly captured. Here are a few of them.

1. "Name Your Favorite Bible Verse"

In a September interview with Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin, Trump was asked to name a couple of his favorite Bible verses. His response? Trump promised he "[loved] God and ... [his] church," but said, "When I talk about the Bible, it's very personal, so I don't want to get into verses." To critics who question Trump's piety and suspect he's merely using religion to appeal to conservative voters, it was more plausible that Trump had been caught off-guard and couldn't think of a single Bible verse, than it is that he simply wouldn't. In a later interview, when asked the same question, he went on to cite a Bible verse that some contend doesn't even exist.

2. The Known Unknown

Rather than expose his own ignorance on foreign policy, Trump opted for the "known unknown" card in his May 27 interview with Fox's Greta Van Susteren. He claimed to know just how to bring ISIS to ruin. However, he reasoned it was too dangerous to disclose his genius idea on television in the event that ISIS leaders were watching the segment ... because we all know how careful Trump is about what he says in the media.

3. No, Donald, "Mexican" Isn't A Language

In his defense, Trump was quoting a fan who tweeted at him, but nonetheless, it was still a cringe-worthy gaffe.

4. "I Will Win The Latino Vote"

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Do I really need to explain why this is funny?

5. A Call To Arms For Trump's Employees And Resort Guests


At the third GOP debate, moderators questioned the delusional idea of some GOP candidates, including Trump, that eliminating gun-free zones would somehow make Americans safer (the logic being that if everyone had a gun, they wouldn't be rendered sitting ducks by potential mass shooters.) When asked about his approach to guns for his employees and his vacation resorts, predictably enough, Trump responded that he was totally OK with employees and guests alike showing up to his buildings armed. His answer wasn't meant to be funny, and if it ever became reality, it certainly wouldn't be. And yet the ridiculousness of his ignorance? A little bit.

6. Lindsey Graham's Phone Number

There's nothing funny about violating a public official's privacy by publicly sharing his or her phone number. And yet the golden display of Trump's immaturity was undeniably laughable.

7. "How Will You Bring Back The American Dream?"

It's substance-filled answers like these that have won Trump the respect of Americans everywhere. (Kidding.)

Purposeful humor might be difficult for Trump, who seems to rely on ignorant gaffes to inspire laughter. But if he wants to learn how to develop his comedic talents, he need not look further than everybody's favorite POTUS. Who could ever forget Obama's direct response to Trump's birtherism in his 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner speech?

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