Stephanie & Colin Have A Tough 'DASH Dolls' Finale

Sunday's finale of the Kardashian spinoff DASH Dolls was tough on Stephanie and her boyfriend Colin. It was definitely a hard episode to watch as Stephanie reunited with her boyfriend after his stint in rehab, only to find out he was allegedly using again. We didn't see Colin doing drugs, but off-camera Stephanie's angry voice could be heard as she walked in on what she claims was Colin using. That seemed to be the line for Stephanie as she started to realize she couldn't magically make Colin better, and she might have to move on. So, do Stephanie and Colin still talk? At the end of the episode Stephanie made it seem like she was done, but I'm not sure Colin feels the same.

While Stephanie has been on social media talking to fans, promoting the show, and booking magazine shoots left and right as her fame grows, she hasn't really mentioned Colin. Meanwhile, he keeps retweeting her and reposting her Instagram pics. At face value one might take that to mean they're still together, but I think it's more like she's moved on and he can't. I feel for Colin, addiction is hard to beat and I hope he's doing OK today. But, I also hope that they're not still on speaking terms for the time being. Stephanie needs to have some time to herself where she's not worried about, or mothering, Colin all the time. Maybe one day he can figure his stuff out and they can get back together, but for now I hope Stephanie can get some much needed me-time. Fortunately her social media signs all point to her moving on.

She's Out On The Town

DASH Dolls stick together, y'all!

Booking Cover Shoots

Her star is seriously on the rise.

Getting To Know Herself

It's so important to connect with yourself, especially after having dealt with the trauma she suffered this season.

And Thanking Her Supporters

It's hard to distance yourself from someone unhealthy when you love them, but I hope that Stephanie is able to do so until Colin can get healthy. And, in the meantime, she has the support of her friends, family, and a legion of fans who all want the best for her, so fortunately Stephanie isn't going through this alone.

Image: Dale Berman/E! Entertainment