Here's Where You Can Get Stassi's Jewelry Line

by Alaina Urquhart-White

Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules is known for many things. She's a staunch proponent of her own birthday, she has some of the best insults/threats in the game, and she has a serious love affair with statement necklaces. And Vanderpump Rules' resident style maven has taken her love of accessorizing and parlayed it into creating her very own line of baubles. So where can you find Stassi's jewelry line?

Well it depends which jewelry line you are referring to. That's right, our entrepreneurial Stassi has been a busy bee and has come out with a follow up collection to her original, "Elements by Stassi" line. The second line is entitled, "S by Stassi" and you can find them both in the same place; Shop Prima Donna.

Shop Prima Donna is known as the number one boutique in New York for affordable accessories and Stassi's lines fit in with their aesthetic perfectly. She stated before that her life on a waitress's budget made it important for her to create a line of glamorous, lavish looking jewelry that anyone could feasibly afford, and he has definitely accomplished this with both of her lines. The highest priced piece is marked at $30.00. You truly can't beat that.

Stassi isn't the only burgeoning businesswoman from the Vanderpump Rules cast, though. Take a look at a couple of the other SUR employees' businesses.

Katie Maloney — Pucker And Pout Beauty Blog And Jewelry Line

I'm a big fan of Katie's style and make up, so when she announced that she would be launching her own beauty blog, I was immediately onboard. Pucker And Pout features make up tutorials, hair tutorials, and all of Katie's style tips. It's become one of my go tos. She also recently launched her own jewelry line with Sterling Forever. The pieces are seriously to die for.

Kristen Doute — James.Mae T-Shirt Line

Kristen definitely had her ups and downs when it came to her employment at SUR, so it's nice to see that the resident drama queen has tapped into her creative side. She's working with the designer James Maeco and creating really cool t-shirts that I think anybody would be down to wear.

Scheana Marie — Starlooks Makeup Line

Scheana always looks flawless. Her makeup looks like it is professionally applied no matter what she's doing. It only made sense that she would launch her own makeup line. Her line Starlooks is amazing and actually really affordable. Beauty on a budget is always welcome around here.