3 Gifts For The Guy In Your Life That You'll Want To Steal And Wear Yourself

We've all done it. If there's a guy's closet in close range, it is fair game for raiding. At this point, I couldn't even tell you how many sweaters, plaid flannels, and vintage tees I've snagged from boyfriends, my dad, and my brother. This means I have a few confessions to make: Yes, that military button-up you thought you lost is actually in my closet 3,000 miles away. And that perfectly worn band tee from the '80s is just more essential to my wardrobe than yours. (Sorry, not sorry.)

With that said, I'm not evil, and I really do ask for permission most of the time... unless I'm sneaking shirts into a hot dryer so they just happen to fit me better. (OK, maybe I'm slightly evil.) The simple truth is, there's something about actual menswear that will always look a little cooler on a girl than a piece designed to look like menswear. That's why we've teamed up with Abercrombie & Fitch to share the top three most steal-worthy gifts for the guys in your life this holiday season.

We had three people lure their significant others to our office to school them in the art of gifting with an ulterior motive. We styled each guy's favorite piece from the fall/winter collection the way he would wear it, then had their partners do the same. It came as no surprise that the pieces totally worked on both, and you'd never know these girls were wearing clothes *intended* for someone else. Long story short, you're going to have to buy two of each piece — unless you're really good at sharing.

1. The Bomber Jacket

Meredith and Kenny are both wearing the Heritage Bomber Jacket. A little fitted on him and a little oversized on her, this cozy zip-up works with his classic look and her edgier style.

2. The Crewneck Sweater

The Plaid Crew Sweater may have been intended for Drew, but look how cute it is on Lauren! A little rolled sleeve and a half tuck keep the men's size from looking too big on her. Plus, the grey grid knit works just as well with neutral staples as it does with black-on-black.

3. The Classic Plaid Flannel

Jackie and Mike are both in the Tartan Twill Shirt. This might be the most classic "borrowed-from-the-boys" piece out there, and for good reason. Worn as an overshirt, tucked, half-tucked, tied, or layered, men's plaid should really be a staple in every woman's closet.

Images: Kenny Suleimanagich, Emily Geraghty/ Bustle

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