Grace's Dad Must Have A Secret On 'Scream Queens'

I'm just going to immediately admit that, when it comes to the Red Devil's identity, I'm completely stumped. I've repeatedly tried to theorize, only to see my prime suspect get the axe (or the nail gun, the chainsaw, or another weapon of choice) the next week. But, there's one thing I know for sure: there's something off with Grace's dad on Scream Queens. At first, I gave him the benefit of the doubt — he's an overprotective dad by nature and any parent is bound to feel a bit unsettled if they learn a masked killer is stalking their child's sorority.

But, Wes has just done too many creepy things for me to ignore. First, he screened The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to a classroom of students who are probably a little on edge since there's a murderer in their midst. Later in the episode, the Red Devil attacked the Dickie Dollar Scholars with a chainsaw. And, in the episode "Seven Minutes In Hell," three people were killed in the Kappa House — and Wes conveniently showed up with Dean Munsch hours after the murders occurred.

Here are three ways Wes could be involved in one of Scream Queens' central mysteries:

1. Wes Killed Grace's Mom

Reddit user scullbags suggests that Wes is the bathtub baby's father — but the baby isn't Grace. Sophia didn't know she was pregnant, so Wes wouldn't have known either. It's stated on the show that after that infamous night in 1995, all the Kappa Sisters left Wallace. Wes would have assumed that Sophia left with them and he wouldn't necessarily have gone looking for her.

According to this theory, he ran into one of the Kappa Sisters several months later, they married, and Grace was born. Grace's mother eventually confided in him about what happened, so he set the family's house on fire and left her inside to die — just like the Kappas left Sophia for dead.

But, since this is Scream Queens, it's possible that Sophia didn't really die. This user theorizes that Gigi is actually Sophia and she was traumatized by the experience of having her baby taken away and being left for dead. Wes may not recognize Gigi, but she knows who he is and that's why she was so quick to pursue him when he arrived at Wallace with Grace.

2. He's The Mastermind Behind Everything

According to Reddit user catlantica, Wes is the mastermind behind the Red Devil killings because he wants Grace to drop out of Wallace. In the series premiere, he's so reluctant to send his daughter off to college that he suggests turning around and going home. Since Grace was insistent on attending Wallace and pledging Kappa, Wes quickly found a number of allies who have various motives to kill the sorority sisters — which means he could be in #Cahoots with Gigi, Munsch, Boone, and Pete. It's admittedly a little predictable, but tayryanw points out that Scream Queens is a parody of the entire slasher genre and Murphy could be banking on viewers simply dismissing the most obvious "red herring."

3. His Obsession With Playlists Is A Clue

One astute armchair detective on the Scream Queens Theories Tumblr notes that Wes' obsession with playlists has been mentioned twice. In the first episode, Grace and Wes talk about his love for playlists before he drops her off at Wallace. In "Hell Week," he tells Gigi that "playlists are my thing." So, how is this relevant? When Grace was in the hidden room in the Kappa House basement, she found a CD marked "KKT Playlist." Since playlists are a somewhat obscure obsession to harp on, this (once again) indicates that Wes has longstanding ties to Kappa Kappa Tau — and, from there, it's safe to assume that he knows way more about the ill-fated 1995 party and the bathtub baby than he has let on.

Like many fans, I've got my eye on Wes. And, if he's not involved? Well, he really needs to watch his back because he's gotten mighty close to both Gigi and Dean Munsch — and we know for certain that they're both very dangerous.

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