Khloe Kardashian & James Harden: Still A Couple

If you were looking for a sign that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are not officially back together, this is it. Despite the fact that she's been hanging out with Odom in the time that he's been in the hospital — and that, for the time being, they've called off their impending divorce — it definitely doesn't sound like she's planning a vow renewal. While talking to NBC News this week, Kardashian confirmed that she's still dating James Harden, even though she and Odom are still technically married "for a multitude of reasons." In fact, according to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Odom is well aware of her current relationship status, and whatever arrangement they have going on seems to be working for everybody.

So to review: Kardashian is dating James Harden, not Lamar Odom, although they're still friends and still married. Got it? Good. Can we all just leave her alone now?

Because although the 31-year-old took the opportunity to talk about the men in her life, it sounds like she was also trying to communicate that she is a little overwhelmed with all of the things she needs to be doing at once. She admitted that she's contractually obligated to promote her book, but that she's attempting to balance her professional life with the insanity of what's going on in her personal life, and it doesn't sound like fun. She explained:

As great as this book has been, it's just really bad timing. It's even uncomfortable for me sitting here doing something like this and I don't feel, like, guilty that I should be elsewhere right now — but I have to be here contractually. It's like a great thing . . . a fantastic thing happening in my life. Something else takes precedence, and I'm trying to manage through that and do the best of both.

And just in case you still need more proof that Kardashian and Odom aren't romantically involved, in an interview for her new Redbook cover, she couldn't have made it any more obvious that she and the Houston Rockets player are together — and that Harden is tackling the challenges that come with dating a member of such a famous reality family. "Our family brings a different amount of — not fame — attention," she said. "Instead of just being known for his talent, he's now known for being someone's boyfriend. We're used to it, but for a person new to this, I'm like: 'Oh, God. I'm sorry.'"

Add this new intel to the fact that Kardashian and Harden were seen at a club together over the weekend, and it sounds pretty relationship-y to me. And I have to give major props to Harden, because it seems like he's quite a catch. After all, he's understanding enough that he's cool with Kardashian splitting her time between him and her (kinda) ex-husband while he recovers from a major medical scare? Not every boyfriend would be so trusting, so this really adds even more credibility to how solid their relationship must be, especially now.

So where does this leave Odom? Kardashian told Redbook that her biggest hope for him is that he's happy, and she also gave NBC News an update on his condition. "[He's] doing better every day for sure — which is a blessing — but it's going to be a long road, and he has to walk that road," she said Monday night. "He has to walk that road, it's going to be a long time."

By the time Odom is out of the hospital, Kardashian will definitely need a vacation. Between keeping her relationship with Harden alive, being there for Odom, and promoting her new book, Strong Looks Better Naked, she's got a pretty full schedule. Here's hoping the media storm around the Kardashian/Odom situation calms down soon so that poor Kardashian can chill out. She needs it!