9 Photos Of People Embracing Their Birthmarks Beautifully — PHOTOS

Despite sometimes being deemed a so-called flaw, birthmarks are a part of who we are, which is part of why it's so great to see people embracing their birthmarks on social media. I am delighted when I hear stories like that of Instagram star Cassandra Naud, who refused to have her birthmark removed when given the opportunity. Or North Carolina teenager Ciera Swaringen, a victim of bullying who was born with birthmarks all over her body. Swaringen told The Daily Mail, "I'm so proud to be different and, at the end of the day, we all have something about us that's unusual, whether it's on the inside or the outside."

I have a small birthmark myself. It lies across my jawbone and my BFF endearingly named it my "Coco Pop" due to its color and shape. I also have a splodge shape on my ear that might look like escaped earwax to passerby, but that upon closer inspection one can see is a faint birthmark. They are both little puzzle pieces that help make up the jigsaw of my identity.

In The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson introduced leading lady Agatha, who had a birthmark in the shape of Mexico on her cheek. It was a great moment of seeing birthmarks celebrated in the mainstream — and I'm hoping it is not the last. For inspiration on how to show the world how special you are, take a look at these wonderful people embracing their own birthmarks.

1. Amidst The Flowers

This chap's birthmark is beautiful and it really emphasizes his brilliant, blue eyes. On another note, I love the composition of this photo and the way the pretty, pink flowers complement his birthmark.

2. The Makeup Lover

This self-taught makeup lover doesn't let anything stand in the way of her passions and sharing them with others. She creates makeup tutorials and she looks stunning in this wine-colored lipstick.

3. Her Protective Barrier

This young woman uses her birthmark to her advantage: It enables her to easily separate out kind, accepting people from unthoughtful and non-accepting ones. Not only is her courage admirable, but the way in which she has put a positive outlook on a so-called negative experiences is something we could all learn a lesson from.

4. A Gorgeous Piece Of Body Art

This wonderful gal has transformed her birthmark into a work of art: A "rugged coastline" that is so many levels of awesome and looks truly stunning.

5. Embracing Being Different

Our differences should not get us down. Yet when growing up, being different can sometimes lead to bullying. This brave young woman stood up to bullies with this epic tweet that included a selfie featuring her birthmark. All I have to say is #rolemodel.

6. The Country Music Fan

If there was a competition for a casual selfie, this guy would totally slay it. He's flying the flag high for cool guys embracing their birthmarks.

7. A Message Of Self Love

This lady gives a super positive message to everyone with her tweet on loving the skin you're in. It's a super inspirational message for all, regardless of whether you have a birthmark or not.

8. The Glam Makeup Pic

This glamorous gal is rocking a fabulous femme fatale beauty look, including smoky eye makeup and red lipstick. She's showing the world that she's not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Blending in is so boring, right?

9. The Matching Marks

This tweet is so cute, from the photo of the duo's beaming smiles to the message exclaiming how excited this woman is to have found a kindred spirit. It turns out she has a similar birthmark to artist Nix Herrera of Syfy channel's Face Off, and she seems stoked to share this with him.

Don't be afraid to show everyone that you love the things that make you unique, whether it be a birthmark or a part of your personality.

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Image: samuelfriberg/Instagram