Ke$ha's Mom Is Very Blunt About Rehab

Ke$ha checked into rehab almost a week ago for an eating disorder and she was very straightforward about it, so of course, people started believing things other than exactly what she said and reports came out that she was actually in rehab for a drinking problem. So now, to make things even clearer than they already were, Ke$ha's mother, singer/songwriter Pebe Sebert, has come forward to confirm that Ke$ha is in rehab for bulimia, not an alcohol addiction. Sebert is amazingly blunt which is awesome and perfect for this situation.

Sebert spoke with Celebuzz about the rumors that her daughter has an alcohol problem saying, "That’s a total lie. The place she’s at is an eating disorder center." She also explained a little phrase that the media likes to use whenever convenient. "When they say ‘people close to her’ I will tell you I travel with her everywhere, her little brother, her assistant, makeup artist, talk to anyone."

Sebert went on to explain, in the best sentence a mom will ever use to defend her daughter, “She might be crazy and she might get shit-faced drunk but everyone does. She might have a few drinks here and there. But she doesn’t have a drinking problem.” It should be noted the Sebert laughed through the first part of that, so she's not seriously promoting getting shit-faced, but it's just something that can happen now and then without it being a problem as long as you can handle yourself.

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She further clarified saying that "They do stress sobriety at the [rehabilitation] place. Nothing is allowed in there. You can’t even have a razor. And they don’t want you to drink afterward because they’re afraid you’re going to get drunk, eat a pizza and throw up. But it’s not a place you go for drugs and alcohol.”

So, is that clear enough? Or are people going to just claim that Sebert was simply defending her daughter's hidden drinking problem? Unfortunately it's likely the latter, but that doesn't mean both Ke$ha and her mom didn't do the best job possible trying to straighten this up.

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