Of Course Kylie Jenner Has A Wig Room

I suppose crazier things than this have happened, but Kylie Jenner showed off her glam room, which, of course, includes her wig collection, because she’s got an entire room devoted to getting ready. I mean — I guess I do, too, it just kind of also happens to be my bathroom. But hey, what else can I really expect? When you change your look that often, you’ve got to have someplace to keep all that fake hair, right? Umm, duh.

I guess her collection isn’t as extensive as say, Beyoncé's, who has an entire closet devoted to her hair, but I’d say Jenner’s pretty close to needing an totally separate place to store those locks of hers. In the short snippet she posted to Instagram (the full video is available on her app and website) you can see rows of hair mannequins, and she highlights the banged look she wore to the VMAs, as well as her infamous green-colored wig. So, we can officially confirm that her green hair was, in fact, a wig, if anyone was still wondering.

See the video, along with seven times she’s worn wigs. I wonder what type of ‘do she’ll flaunt tomorrow. She probably decides at the last minute while sitting in her glam room. What a time to be alive for Jenner, huh?


1. Fringe Benefits

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I loved this very glam style on her.

2. Going Green

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's no color this girl is afraid of.

3. Blunt Cut

She mixed it up for her sister's birthday and debuted a blunt cut with bangs.

4. Feeling The Blues

She'll even rock bangs in blue.

5. Pop Of Color

Because sometimes your best accessory is your hair.

6. Turquoise Perfection

She can get away with anything when it comes to hair color.

7. Pink Lady

Even this cotton-candy pink color was a good move.

Wig or no, she's always looking good!

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