Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' Tour Needs These Songs

You can say what you want about Justin Bieber, but you can’t deny that the dude makes good, nay, great music. It just is the way that it is. So, whether you’re the number one Belieber or if you secretly and begrudgingly hit replay on your “This Is Definitely Not A Justin Bieber Playlist” playlist because you just can’t quit him, the news that Bieber has a Purpose tour coming up is pretty much a universally exciting thing. Especially when you consider the plethora of catchy songs over his career that he has to choose from, in addition to all the shiny new ones he’ll certainly deliver to the crowd.

A concert line up is a beautiful thing. Not only do we get a mix of old and new tunes, but remixes, covers, and medleys that we probably wouldn’t get to experience otherwise. And, there’s always the possibility of surprise guests showing up to duet. With that in mind, I think I have a pretty good idea of what the ultimate line up would look like, thus far, for the Purpose Tour. But, you know, there’s always room for those songs yet to be released and surprise jams.

Here’s the Purpose Tour line up I think concert goers need to see Biebs deliver.

1. "Where Are U Now"

I don't know about you, but I picture him ascending from center stage in a cloud of smoke and a sea of strobe lights to this one. It just feels right.

2. "Sorry"

This will, for sure, get everyone up out of their seats.

3. "All That Matters/Heartbreaker" Medley

I think this is a splendid idea. He should really put me on the payroll.

4. "Boyfriend"

I think this may still be my all-time favorite song of his.

5. "Baby"

Because this song should be included in every Biebs show, ever.

6. "I'll Show You"

Raise those phone flashlights, people.

7. "Love Yourself"

Ed Sheeran did good with this one.

8. "Hotline Bling (Remix)"

It's SO GOOD. It's too good. It's also a perfect opportunity to have Drake come onstage.

9. "Confident"

I feel like this song didn't get enough media recognition. The fans would definitely appreciate hearing it, though.

10. "As Long As You Love Me"


11. "The Feeling"

Imagine a surprise duet with Halsey? Imagine Halsey opened for him?!

12. "What Do You Mean?"

Because, duh.

With only a few months separating us from what could be the greatest tour that Biebs has ever done, if these songs don't make the line up, I will be sorely disappointed.