Is 'Made In The A.M.' On Spotify Yet?

It's been a long, tiring, though often exciting wait until our ears could hear One Direction's Made in the A.M. in all of its studio-polished glory. (Listening to the leaked version just isn't the same.) The band released a handful of songs ahead of the album's release, but when will Made in the A.M. be on Spotify?

Following in the grand tradition of their previous albums (and the pre-released tracks from Made in the A.M.), the album is on Spotify now. Yes, you can listen to all 17 tracks from the deluxe edition for free. (Of course, Made in the A.M. is also on iTunes, should you choose to go that route. Or you can listen to it on both platforms. Just listen to it. A lot. On repeat.)

Made in the A.M. represents a bittersweet moment for Directioners. On one hand it's a perfect album filled with One Direction flawlessness. Not only does it have a "Perfect," a track that's reportedly about Taylor Swift, but it has the heartbreakingly on point "Love You Goodbye," a tribute to ending a breakup on a, uh, good note. And in between all of that glory is "History," a tribute to One Direction fans, the stadium-ready "Infinity," and the album-defining "Drag Me Down."

Of course, with One Direction headed toward a hiatus, this will be the last new music we'll hear from them for awhile. Also, it's sad to know we won't hear these songs on tour — at least not yet. The mere thought alone makes me want to curl up with a One Direction pillow and silently weep while listening to a mix of "Right Now," "You and I," and "Night Changes." However, if One Direction is going on a break, at least they're leaving us with one of the best albums of their career — which you can listen to on Spotify right now. Check it out below!

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