What To Expect From 1D's 'Made In The A.M.'

Never has an album filled the world with such conflicting emotions as One Direction's new album Made In The A.M. (dramatic much?!). Not only are One Direction taking a hiatus after its long-awaited release on 10 November, there's been so much Zayn Malik drama over the past year, it's hard to keep up. 1D have continued to show fans how much the fans mean to them, though, by sharing sneak-peeks of new songs, and giving amazing interviews. There's no doubt that the now four-some care about giving the fans a meaningful send-off.

Everyone's been waiting patiently (well, sorta patiently) for the band's first album without Malik. The title of their previous album, Four , released in November 2014, was almost prophetic, predicting the fact that 1D would soon be a four-piece. Malik leaving hasn't hindered the band's ability to sell records, however. In fact, it may have reinvigorated interest in 1D, particularly in the lyrical content of their songs, and the meanings behind their *ahem* new direction as a four-piece. So what can we garner from the songs they've released so far? What exactly will Made In The A.M. be like, and does it give us any indication of if the band are, in fact, over and done for good?

1. The First Single — "Drag Me Down"

Initial speculation was around whether One Direction's first single without Zayn Malik would be about him. Actually, it was about something way better. Instead of dwelling on the past, "Drag Me Down" is about perseverance, about getting the kind of support from another person that only builds you up and makes you feel capable of anything. It's a totally positive anthem, and is the perfect comeback single. 1D asserted themselves with "Drag Me Down" in the strongest way.

2. The Second Single — "Perfect"

Just like "Drag Me Down," "Perfect" is all about love! One Direction don't dwell on the past, instead singing a totally romantic track about finding a person you can connect with. Maybe there was a little curiosity as to whether the title referred to Harry Style's hair. But, upon watching the amazing video, it's clear that the song is an invitation, about finding that perfect person for you.

3. The Promotional Track — "Infinity"

This promo track accompanied Made in the A.M. being made available for pre-order on iTunes, and it'll give you all of the feels if you haven't heard it already. It's a pared down track, just voice and a guitar, and it's literally so beautiful. "Infinity" seems to be about a lost love, wanting someone so bad but always being just out of reach. Ouch, my heart!

4. Liam Payne's Sneak-Peek — "Olivia"

Liam Payne shared a clip from this new One Direction song late one night on Twitter, and the Internet went wild. Musically, "Olivia" is upbeat, and the lyrics seem to be a declaration of love, asking a girl to recognize how much she means to the One Direction boys. What a lucky lady Olivia is!

5. The Album Track List

The track list for Made in the A.M. contains so many intriguing track titles. Stand out names include "Hey Angel," "Love You, Goodbye," and "I Want To Write You A Song." Alongside these fantastic predictions about what the songs might actually be about (I too hope that "Olivia" is an ode to Taylor Swift's cats!), based upon the music they've shared with us already, the new album clearly has range. It's going to be about love, loss, relationships, friends, and saying goodbye. Hopefully, this will only be a temporary goodbye from 1D, but I count myself lucky to be getting a whole album from the four piece before the hiatus. It's already sounding like this album will destroy me.

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