How To Use Google Maps Offline

Google Maps is one of the most useful inventions that has blessed my life in recent years. The only way it could be made better is if it were possible to use it without using data, so as to save us some time getting somewhere and save your precious data quota — and guess what? Google Maps offline search is an actual thing now, so when you've already used 75 percent of your data for the month (or are out of range for data connectivity) you can still use the app to get to your destination. Pretty nifty.

The feature works by downloading sections of specific maps, so it's important to remember that this process does use data — that is, you'll want to make sure you get the downloading done on WiFi before you head out on your adventure. Also of note is the fact that the maximum download size for maps is 2500 MB, or 2.5GB. That means you can't save an area to your phone that's bigger than that — so if you want to, for example, get around Boston for the day, the entire Greater Boston area might be too big. However, downtown plus some neighboring areas of the city would definitely work.

The offline maps feature will first come to the latest version of Android, and then to iOS. In order to use the offline search and navigation feature, follow these simple steps:

1. Search for Your Desired Location

Whether it's a small neighborhood or a bigger section of the city, Google Maps will help you around it.

2. Go to the Place Page and Tap "Download"

The Place page can be found by tapping the bottom white bar on the Maps home page, which opens up a page that has a description and some photos of the place you searched for. Next to "save" and "share," you'll find "download."

3. Access the Offline Map and Start Adventuring!

To access your offline map, tap the three parallel lines next to the name of the place and select "your places." Voila! There are your maps, data free. Have fun stormin' the castle!

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