Gaga Had A Vampire Baby On 'AHS: Hotel'

Lady Gaga's character, Elizabeth, on American Horror Story: Hotel may love her little blonde clan of stolen kids now, but what spawned her obsession to begin with? Well, on tonight's episode we got to see a flashback scene where the Countess birthed her very own bouncing bundle of joy. That's right, Lady Gaga had a baby named Bartholomew on AHS: Hotel and it lives in Room 33 of the Hotel Cortez. Yes, he's as terrifying as he sounds.

During a flashback scene that brought us all the way back to the Murder House from Season 1 (yay!), we were treated to a reunion with Dr.Montgomery (he who snuffed too much ether) from that season when Elizabeth showed up at his door with a big ol' belly and a claim that she was three weeks pregnant and in need of a hasty abortion. Of course, the good doctor obliges because, if you remember, he's all about dirty basement surgeries. Well, when they remove the baby, a nurse comments that it looks alive. She doesn't get to ponder that thought for very long because the baby basically mauls her to death while the rest of the team watches. The beautiful baby boy is then placed with mama Gaga and she seems to fall instantly in love with it. Standard.

Flash to present day and we learn that not only has this miracle baby lived, but he's shacked up in Room 33 of the Hotel Cortez. Add this little cherub to the list of nasty beings that are hanging around the hotel from hell. Oh, and he tried to escape in John's suitcase at one point but Alex brought him back. Thank goodness because this demon kid did not need to rome free outside the hotel.

Images: Doug Hyun/FX