Liz Taylor Found An 'AHS: Hotel' Love Interest

With her sass, wisdom, and knowledge that ponchos are forever, Liz Taylor is one of the best American Horror Story: Hotel characters. Although, through her veil of awesome, she was giving off a vibe of sadness that had inquiring minds wondering what her story was before her life at the Cortez. It turned out that before she began living in the hotel, she never felt loved or accepted for who she really was. Well, rejoice friends, because tonight that changed. Liz had a pretty fantastic sex scene with Tristan and everyone pretty much lost their minds with excitement for her.

Liz told Tristan that she loves being with him because, "you see the girl in me." Tristan replied by telling Liz that he really, truly loved her. Collective swoon. Liz deserves this, guys! The only snag in their whole situation is how Elizabeth will take the news. You do remember her guidelines when she turned Tristan into a vampire don't you? It's fine if he gets his freak on somewhere else, but she specifically warned him that he wasn't permitted to fall in love with anyone else. Let's just hope Liz doesn't get in trouble for it!

Luckily, Liz has a ton of people rooting for her, so no matter what happens at least she has fan support!

Images: Ray Mickshaw/FX