The 10 Hottest Men's Names On Dating Apps

If you’ve ever found yourself swiping through a dating app, and swiped either right (or left) simply because of a person’s name, then you should know that you’re not alone. It seems that your name really does matter, even when you're trying to meet someone online. Personally, if I see a Donald or Ronald, I run. I don’t even care if Donald is like Don Draper. But that’s just me. Everyone has their own pet peeves.

The Grade conducted some extensive research to see just what names are most likely to get a right swipe, and what names are pretty much ignored. Analyzing over 200 male and female names, The Grade was able to narrow down what names make an impact on the opposite sex and what ones do not. For example, the male name that gets the least amount of right swipes is Joel. Yes, if your name is Joel and trying the online dating thing, only three percent of women will right swipe on you. The name Victor also gets only three percent, Jimmy gets four percent, and Gary (is there anyone under the age of 60 with the name Gary?) gets a measly five percent. At least for the ladies, the name that gets the least amount of swipes is Tiffany, but that percent is 28 and quite a jump up from a teeny tiny three percent that the Joels of the world get. But remember, this is just one app's findings — no one is doomed!

Here are the top 10 men’s names that get the most right swipes, according to The Grade.

10. Jeff

Coming in at tenth place is the name Jeff with 20 percent of women right swiping when they see a Jeff. The study also found that Jeff is most often matched with Emily, so I guess the majority of those right swiping on Jeff are named Emily ― and my professors said I didn’t know anything about logic. Pfft!

9. Frank

Also with 20 percent of women swiping right is the name Frank. Frank, to me, sounds like an old man’s name, like Gary or Victor, but apparently some girls dig it. Frank and Stephanie are most matched names.

8. Rob

Another name that shares that 20 percent and coming in at eighth place is the name Rob. When I hear the name Rob, I literally think of Rob Lowe, because of course. When it comes to Rob’s most common female name matches, that honor goes to Sarah. Rob and Sarah ― sounds like a couple who’d live next door to you when you grow up and move to the suburbs.

7. Jeffrey

Not to be mistaken with Jeff, coming in at seventh place is Jeffrey with 21 percent of ladies swiping on guys with this name. Jeffrey is also most matched with Michelle.

6. Shane

In sixth spot is Shane with 22 percent of women right swiping when they see a Shane pop up. Shane and Taylor are the most matched names, so someone left T.Swift know she should date the Pogues' Shane MacGowan. He has better teeth now, FYI.

5. Noah

Coming in at the halfway point for the top 10 hottest male names is Noah with 23 percent of women right swiping this name. Very biblical, isn’t it? However, Noah is most commonly matched with the name Elizabeth and that’s not all that biblical. It's have a more royal feel to it, for obvious reasons.

4. Andy

I have to be honest, I do not like the name Andy. Since it’s obviously the shortened version of Andrew, which is a great name, why go the Andy route? My personal feelings aside, men named Andy get swipes from 23 percent of women and they're most matched to the name Maria.

3. Corey

In third place with yet another 23 percent, is the name Corey. What this means is that I will be using a GIF from The Lost Boys here to honor the Two Coreys, as Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were called back in the day. Corey is most matched to Amy.

2. Tyler

Although the name Tyler also gets 23 percent of women swiping right, as has been the case for the past few names, somehow The Grade determined that Tyler is in second place. Tyler, because I know you’re wondering, is most often matched with women named Jennifer.

1. Brett

And… drum roll, please! Brett is the hottest name, with 24 percent of women swiping right when they see a Brett. Brett is also mostly commonly matched to women named Jessica. Something tells me that Brett and Jessica probably live right next door to Rob and Sarah.

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