Urban Decay's Naked Vault II Is Coming Back!

Hold on to your hats, makeup mavens! The Urban Decay Naked Vault II is back for Cyber Monday! That's right! The insanely popular collection of shadows is no longer a pipe dream or something you've been wishing to nab. Urban Decay is relaunching new vaults for your post-Thanksgiving, leftover binging pleasure. While you may very well be back at work that day, this makeup gem is sure to make your return to everyday life after Thanksgiving significantly better. So, don't spend all your money on Black Friday because come Monday, you'll have one more purchase to make.

In October, the Urban Decay Naked Vault II launched to what can only be described as insane success. In fact, the collection was so popular that it was completely sold out within a few hours of its launch. While the rapidness of the sale was shocking, the popularity itself wasn't. Last year's Naked Vault was also successful and offered amazing variety of products. Face, lips, and eye makeup all made their way into the first vault, but for shadow lovers, nothing could be better than the Naked Vault II which included all of the Naked palettes including the Naked Basics! Plus, the bang for your buck is outrageous!

Thousands were bummed when the Naked Vault II sold out so quickly on Sephora. Thankfully, a few days later, Urban Decay sold more, but yet again, some were foiled. Now, though if you've got access to a computer and quick reflexes you can nab Urban Decay's Naked Vault II on Cyber Monday just in time for all of your holiday parties.

Go ahead and get ready because Cyber Monday is right around the corner, and you're definitely going to want to get your hands on this gem.

Images: Courtesy of brands