Rihanna Makes A Baseball Cap Chic

Has anyone else noticed that one of most fashionable divas we know has been seriously MIA on social media for the past few weeks? I've been dealing with feelings of "Where for art though, RiRi?" for about a month now. But Rihanna resurfaced in a slip dress, sans a bra while wearing a baseball cap and a long, furry coat. Who else can pull that off? Um, no one!

As I mentioned, Rihanna has gone quiet on Twitter and Instagram. She retweeted a promo tweet regarding her The Voice appearance but has been otherwise quet in the 140-character space, while her last Instagram post was images of a magazine spread from four weeks ago. The silence has been deafening, since the singer could always be counted on for some killer street style posts that inspire instant envy and copycats!

While she is busy working on her new album Anti, which she announced while rocking all black, including her lipstick, and launching her new beauty and fashion agencies, there should always time for some fashionable Insta posts! Sigh.

That said, Rihanna was spotted out in a slinky bronze slip dress and a navy blue baseball cap. She added a floor-skimming, white coat to the ensemble, as well.

Only Rihanna could make this work. A sexy, liquid metal slip dress such as this isn't usually paired with a cap and a coat. But it happens in Rihanna's orbit!

Rihanna is no stranger to revealing ensembles, but the fact that she wore such unusual accessories with her mega mini feels fresh, since she has gone dark on social media for what feels like an eternity.

Let's quickly recreate this look!

You can rock a basic baseball cap —even though the season has long since ended— like Rihanna by grabbing a plain canvas version. ($16.99,

Her metallic slip dress is surprisingly easy to replicate. This flirty version looks like a liquefied copper penny. This frock could work in multiple seasons and be worn during spring soirees or for festive holiday fetes, depending on how you style it and what you add to it. You know, like a cozy coat or cap. ($58,

Throw on this fuzzy, faux fur white coat, which has such a '70s energy. There! You have just copied Rihanna's going out look. ($68,

Now if only Rihanna would start posting away on Instagram... the all would really be right with the fashion world.

Images: Courtesy Brands (3); Vogue Runway/Twitter (1); 1PoeticDrugs/Twitter (1)