Rihanna Rocks Black Lipstick With All-Black Outfit

The world woke up to news that Rihanna's new album is actually happening. It's called Anti and it's coming soon. We got a gander at the Anti cover art, too. Rihanna wore black lipstick with an all-black outfit to the event where the good news was revealed. She was making a major statement about her music career, which has been the subject of much "What will she do next?" buzz. She had to match a professional move with equally bold makeup, clothing, and accessories. Because duh.

This was hardly a monochromatic moment, though.

Rihanna recently rocked blue lipstick, so the singer is no stranger to dramatic lip looks. But this rich, highly pigmented lip look went beyond the normal pattern of switching things out for the fall season. It's fairly common to go with warmer, darker tones or to swap out super shiny gloss for a matte texture when the weather gets colder.

Of Rihanna had to do things her way. She wore a silky black ensemble, which flowed around her body like an aura moreso than an outfit. It was loose and non-constricting. Her airy outfit was contrasted not by only her lips but by her choker.

Yes, chokers are so '90s, but Rihanna dragged the trend into this century by pairing her blinged out version with her black-painted pucker and her monochromatic ensemble.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The choker added some toughness to an otherwise ethereal ensemble.

Rihanna will always leave us guessing when it comes to fashion. At least now we have some concrete info about her eighth album! No more guessing there.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That choker was maj.

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Rihanna's outfit had several layers. It looked like a romper and a slip. It also had the lingerie-like look that Rihanna often favors at events.

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Seriously, this shiny black ensemble transformed depending on how she stood and according to her posturing.

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The over-the-shoulder pose will get you every time! The coat easily slipped on and off, as she dared to bare.

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The black lipstick looked even better when she cracked a smile.

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The contrast of the shiny material of her outfit and the matte texture of her lips was pretty much divine. The two contrasting finishes eliminated any sort of "goth" vibe with this outfit.

Is there any look Rihanna can't pull off? I'm gonna throw down the gauntlet. No. There isn't a look that she can't or won't make work.

You can do black lips, too... if you dare! Obviously, it's not an easy look to pull off. All you need is exfoliated lips, a clear or black lipliner, and some confidence.

As for the actual lipstick shade? Try Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipstick in Slayer, a matte, pitch black shade. Plus, how badass is the case? You will feel like a total diva when yanking this out of your bag and apply in public! Rawr! ($21,

Image: Courtesy of Sephora (1)