Shop Lucy Hale's Black Fall Outfit

When it comes to cold-weather styling it can be hard to dress warm and be fashion-forward at the same time. Completely nailing the layered look, Lucy Hale wore a mostly black outfit that's perfect for any occasion. By sticking to mostly one color and adding her own subtly details, Hale might have just set the trend of the season.

I'm a firm believe in winter layering, and the Pretty Little Liars star shows exactly how to nail the trend. Standing in front of her impressive shoe collection, Hale posed for her most recent Instagram picture, looking adorable as always. She let her followers know that she'd be selling a few of her "pre-loved" items on the Secret Closet fashion app, but I'm willing to bet she won't be selling anything from the quirky-cool outfit that she was wearing in the picture.

By keeping it minimalist with a few great accessories, Hale's look was just as chic as it was comfy. Instead of opting for a traditional black cardigan and jeans, she spiced it up with a furry sweater and black denim for a much trendier look. With fresh faced, natural makeup and wavy hair, Hale made for the perfect fall style inspiration.

The best thing about this look is how easy it is to recreate. Odds are you already have a few of these clothing staples in your closet, so this is one hassle-free outfit perfect for chilly weather. Just grab your black gear and get to layering!

1. Furry Cardigan

Chenille Cardigan, H&M, $30

This look can be achieved with any black cardigan, but to get Hale's exact look, you'll want to go with a cardigan that has a little more texture.

2. Striped Tee

Ribbed Knit Top, Forever 21, $7.90

Hale goes for a slight belly-bearing top, but any striped tee will do. The more casual the top, the more laid-back the outfit.

3. Dark Denim

Ridley Skinny Jeans, ASOS Curve, $58

For an edgier look, grab a pair of dark and distressed skinny jeans. A high-waisted fit also makes for a trendy twist on a typical outfit.

4. Patent Leather Booties

Midnight Sock Boot, TopShop, $140

The shininess of the boot mixed with the furry cardigan makes for a bold statement.

5. Oversized Hat

Floppy Hate, American Eagle, $25

Top it all off with a black hat. When styled right, one of your favorite summer trends can come with you all the way through fall.

Who knew such simple staples could be so trendy together?

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