People Reveal Their Favorite Places To Be Touched

If you're strictly focusing on the genitals during sex, let me just say one thing: You're really missing out. Although it obviously feels amazing, there are erogenous zones on the body besides the obvious choices (aka the vagina and penis) that can really amp up your arousal during sex.

In my humble opinion, one of the most awe-inspiring things about the human body is the fact that everyone's turn-ons during sex are so varied and unique. There isn't one "type" of sex that's better than any other, and even the smallest touch in a certain spot can cause us to get the shivers. In an iconic Friends episode, Monica Geller claims there are seven basic erogenous zones (and that, sadly, a lot of them get neglected in the heat of the moment). However, there are actually so many more than just seven erogenous zones, because everyone's body is different and responds to sexual stimulation in different ways.

No matter who you are, there's probably one turn-on or fetish you have that might surprise people, and that's nothing to be embarrassed about — variety is the spice of life (and sex, of course). I asked men and women to share some of their favorite erogenous zones, whether traditional or not — and their answers are proof that there are many, many ways to incorporate some erotic new sensations into your typical foreplay.

1. Ears

"Definitely ears — but only lightly! And not too slobbery. And teasing the inner thighs is always great." — Zoe, 28

2. Neck

"My neck, my back, touch my bod just like that. (No, really, I would've answered neck and back, and thankfully Khia was able to articulate that for me.)" — Maria, 30

3. Fingers

"It really turns me on to have a girl suck on my finger during sex. It's vaguely alluding to the feeling of a blowjob, plus it's just intimate and sexy." — Zack, 24

4. Breasts

"My boobs! DUH! They are works of art and they like to be admired and appreciated. Grab 'em hard or just softly stroke them — just make sure they don't feel abandoned while you mess around elsewhere." — Heather, 27

5. Back

"An ex and I had a kind of weird ritual for initiating sex. We would be laying on his bed just talking or whatever and he’d be like 'I could really use a massage....' so I'd straddle him and give him a massage. Then we'd switch and he’d do the same to me, but then he would also kiss me on my back and stuff during the literally gave me the shivers." — Caroline, 22

6. Beard

"I like when men lick and bite my beard during foreplay or sex." — Stephen, 21

7. Shoulders

"Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for a good shoulder rub in general, but I also like when, during foreplay, a guy rubs his hands on my shoulders and lightly kisses or bites them. It's like a sensual massage." — Brittany, 22

8. Butt

"I'm into light anal play, like when a girl gently rubs the outside of my asshole or sticks one finger inside it while she's giving me a hand job or blow job. During sex, I also like when a girl rests a hand on my ass...the pressure feels nice." — Jacob, 25

9. Head

"A guy once massaged my head like they do when you're getting your hair washed at the salon and it was greatest thing ever." — Jessie, 29

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