Alana Hadid Makes Modeling Debut For Lou & Grey, Watch Out, Gigi & Bella — PHOTOS

We've all seen and heard so much of her sisters, but Alana Hadid's modeling debut for Lou & Grey proves that the natural beauty gene is simply unstoppable in this family. Gigi and Bella Hadid's older half sister landed her first fashion campaign for the clothing line and is now a spokesperson for the brand. Hadid has always been supportive of her sisters in their fashion careers, but she didn't expect just how much effort goes into modeling until she became one herself.

“It’s a lot of work,” Hadid said. “Every time I do it I have a newfound respect for my sisters.” The daughter of real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid (the ex-husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster), she worked as a stylist in Los Angeles before landing in front of the camera for Lou & Grey. Hadid also launched her own clothing line called Current Moji, which has been worn by her sisters and Gigi's ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas. As the oldest of the siblings, Alana is both proud of her family's success, but she's also set to make her mark in the industry.

"We are all working at things we were working for before and proud of each other just like we were," she said. "To us, everyone in the family has always been a big deal. We have celebrated each other’s achievements as though it was on the cover of magazines. It’s fun to see everyone do well, but just with way more Instagram likes.”

Wanna know more about the other Hadid sister? Here are 11 things about Alana that will make you love her, too.

1. She has her own clothing line

It's called Current Moji and features popular emojis on t-shirts.

2. She's in love


3. She's a supportive sis

And not just to Gigi and Bella, but also to her brother Anwar and sister Marielle.

4. She loves a silly selfie

Because posing in front of your dad's portrait is everything.

5. She was a badass biker chick

For Halloween, at least.

6. She loves statement rings

Her Insta is chock full of pics of her hand jewelry.

7. Like, really loves them

So pretty.

8. She once glitter-bombed her face

Serving Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz realness.

9. Her workouts are intense

Four days a week, folks.

10. Her vacations are goals

Thanks for the invite (?)

11. She loves her family

The genes are strong in this one.

Images: Alana Hadid/Instagram (2)