These Shirts Promote An Anti-'Mean Girls' Spirit

As much as I love fashion, it’s really confidence that makes a woman look good, and the first step to finding confidence is learning to be kind to yourself and then extending that kindness to others. Kind Campaign launched t-shirts that promote kindness to others, just in time for World Kindness Day. The nonprofit organization works to limit girl-on-girl bullying, helping to promote an environment where girls can grow to love themselves and others.

The tees have the words “You Can Sit With Us,” printed on them because that is literally the anti- Mean Girls statement. And as much as everyone loves that movie, women can’t treat each other like that IRL, because being that hateful is sooo not fetch, you know? These amazing t-shirts are only $25 and all proceeds go to funding Kind Campaign’s school programming, so that they can start spreading the idea of girl’s being nice to each other beginning at an early age. That’s a sentiment that I can totally get on-board with, World Kindness Day or no.

If you feel the same, shop these shirts, plus seven others that promote kindness in one way or another. Whether promoting loving yourself or others, these shirts will remind you to be nice to yourself and to others.

You Can Sit With Us T-Shirt, $25, Kind Campaign

Such a simple, but powerful message.

1. Time To Shine

Time To Shine Tee, $15.90, Forever 21

It's always your time to shine, and it's important to remember that.

2. Body Posi

Boyfriend T-Shirt With Nice Buns Print, $35.83, ASOS Curve

Nice buns, girl.

3. I Heart You

Love You More Than Wine Easy V-Neck Tee, $55, Wildfox

If you love someone more than wine, well, you love them a lot.

4. Best Dressed

Best Dressed Graphic Tee, $15.90, Forever 21+

What can you say, sometimes you're just the best dressed, you know? You deserve some major props.

5. Kindness To Animals

All I Want For Christmas Vintage Tee, $35, The Tree Kisser

Kindness to animals is just as important as kindness to people.

6. Motivation

Yes You Can Graphic Tee, $12.90, Forever 21

Kindness is always appreciated, even from your coffee.

7. Oh So Pretty

Pretty Peach Slouchy Sweater, $78, Southward Apparel

You're just as pretty as a peach, yes you are.

Shop these tees and be bursting at the seams with good vibes.

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