What Does Your Fave '00s Teen Movie Say About You?

While the teen movies of the late '90s get all the love (I'm looking at you, She's All That), it's worth remembering that there was a huge teen movie boom in the '00s that produced classics ranging from Bring It On to Mean Girls. These movies are your teen years and you love it. From sappy romances to girl power-fueled comedies, the teen movies of the '00s had it all. Because these movies premiered at such a pivotal time in your life, you likely formed a significant attachment to them, and because everyone loves playing favorites, one of the '00s teen movies means just a little bit more to you than the rest. Whether that movie is A Walk to Remember or 17 Again, your favorite '00s teen movie says a lot about your personality.

Skeptical? You shouldn't be. While your taste in teen movies won't reveal your future, your fave holds a special place in your heart for a reason — it gets you like Torrance got Missy. All the high school drama, wearing pink on Wednesdays, and body-switching with parents means more than you think.

Ready to find out what your favorite '00s teen classic says about you? Find your pick below and prepare to be amazed. (Or at the very least, amused.)

Bring It On

You are a fierce competitor who either played in organized sports or kicked some serious butt on your high school debate team. The only thing you value more than winning is friendship. You can literally walk into a coffee shop and come out with three new squad members. People are drawn to your go-for-broke spirit and ability to make everyone in your circle feel important.

The Princess Diaries

Just like Mia, you've never felt royal. High school is not where you blossomed even though you always dreamed of a Mia style transformation. You are now the kind of person who brings fresh baked cookies to work and gets tasked with solving all the major problems. You ended up becoming a princess with all the responsibilities and no crown.

Save The Last Dance

Star crossed lovers are your jam. Whenever it is your turn to pick a book for your book club, you always go with one of the Brontës, something by Jane Austen=. Your heart guides you no matter what kind of decision you are making, and you have been called emotional and dreamy. Translation: you are super artsy.


As far back as you can remember, life has been about you and your girls. Your high school best friends are still your best friends. Sadly, you no longer get to have lunch together everyday, but your group texts are a thing of beauty. You believe Shonda Rhimes is your soulmate.

A Walk To Remember

You are slightly embarrassed that A Walk to Remember is your favorite '00s teen movie. In fact you tell people your favorite is Mean Girls to preserve your snarky façade. You consider yourself a cool person with a steely heart, but deep down you are a sucker for a tragic love story. I won't tell if you don't.

Freaky Friday

You and your mom have always been Gilmore Girls levels of close, and you are proud of it. You guys still watch this movie together once a year and laugh your butts off. There is not an ironic bone in your body, and you fervently believe Lindsay Lohan will have a major second act in her 30s.

Mean Girls

How are you so cool? You are always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, music, fashion... pretty much everything. You are a major trendsetter, but that's because you surround yourself with people who have exquisite taste in all the things. Like the Freaky Friday people, you still believe in Lohan, but you are way less vocal about it.

Napoleon Dynamite

You are the original hipster. Everything you eat is organic, and you don't have cable. Your idea of a perfect evening involves talking about craft beer and Wes Anderson. You can definitely quote this movie in its entirety.

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

If your loved ones had to describe you in one word, that word would be nostalgic. You have a shoebox full of notes you and your friends passed in high school, and you never gave away your favorite childhood book series. Your memory is impeccable and everyone is amazed at your ability to remember the birthdays of every person you have ever met.

She's The Man

You are certain there is no one on this planet who you cannot make laugh. Positive by nature, you are always up for anything and you constantly tell people everything happens for a reason. You are definitely the prankster of your office.


It is entirely possible the term old soul was invented with you in mind. While all of your friends still grumble about growing up, you are relieved to finally be an adult. You are more comfortable in your own skin now than you ever have been before.

You still want that hamburger phone, though.


You will always be Team Edward. You identify yourself as a fan, first and foremost, and you hate when people knock Twilight. No, it's not a masterpiece, but it is your childhood. In your world, vampires will always sparkle.

17 Again

Complicated was the best way to describe your home life growing up. This movie gave you serious feelings and it is the secret reason you call your dad at least once a week just to check in. You understand how confusing life can be, but no one is better at powering through a tough time than you are.

Did your favorite movie match your personality? Even if I was way off the mark, I bet you want to go re-watch it now.

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