Behold, Even More 'Harry Potter' Themed Shots

Every time the holidays roll around and I don't see a new Harry Potter trailer my heart sinks a little. Which is why these Harry Potter Shots have been the perfect pick-me-up. Let's face it: There aren't too many magically fun things about being in your 20s other than the fact that you can legally buy alcohol. That's why these Harry Potter-themed shooters put a smile on my face — that and anyone can appreciate a good Potter pun. (Well, anyone who is worth talking to, anyway.)

This is not the first installment of shots themed for The Boy Who Lived — the first round of Harry Potter themed shots came out a few weeks ago. In case those didn't already decimate you, Patrick, mix master at Graphic Nerdity, thought long and hard about what kind of drinks he wanted to offer us this time, and he did not disappoint! As a person who is looking to get down with my nerdy self over the holidays, these are just the perfect amount of naughty and nice. I'm hoping that my test tasting won't end in me being thrown into the real-life Azkaban.

Obviously you would have to pair these adult beverages with Harry Potter adult coloring books, and maybe some Chocolate Frogs. Whatever your specific need or want, this idea proves that you are never too old to enjoy Harry Potter. And what a beautiful concept that is!

1. Gone Too Soon

Long live the memory of Cedric. I hope I don't say the same thing about my hangover the next morning. Brownie points for naming every movie Robert Pattinson has been in before taking the next shot.

2. Puns Are Always A Good Idea

Rum is a lot like the Room of Requirement. If I have enough, anything I want appears in front of me, as if by magic. I recently found out that's called "drunk Amazon purchasing".

3. The Russian In Me Is So Proud

I'm so ready for this drink it's not even funny. I don't think I'll be buying all those different types of vodkas, but I sure will stick with the quantity portion.

To see the rest of Graphic Nerdity's delightfully nerdy boozey offerings, check out the rest of the post here.

Images: Courtesy of Graphic Nerdity