Man Playing John Lennon's "Imagine" Outside Paris' Bataclan Theater In Wake Of Friday's Attack Is Emotional & Heartwarming — VIDEO

It's been an emotional and trying 24 hours for the people of Paris and the international community at large, after more than 120 people were killed and more than 80 seriously injured in terrorist attacks that were launched across the French capital on Friday. While the French government has declared a state of emergency and closed all museums, shops, theaters, and public monuments in a bid to encourage citizens to remain at home, many have ventured out into the city's streets to pay their respects to the victims. Such was certainly the case at the Bataclan theater Saturday, where the largest number of people died when gunmen opened fire during an Eagles of Death Metal concert Friday evening. However, Saturday, the scene outside the theater was a decidedly different one — especially when an unnamed man rolled out a grand piano on Saturday and began playing a touching rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" to an emotional crowd.

It was during a CNN broadcast featuring anchor Hala Gorani that the man's singing was first heard as he played in the background of her report. She was one of many reporters covering the aftermath of Friday's attacks, and the singing man's arrival was a surprise to all, albeit a welcome one. His passionate performance was just one small dose of comfort in the midst of so much mourning.

"Imagine" has long been a song of peace and hope, sending a message of tolerance, acceptance, and love for your fellow man. That the man in the video chose to sing this song today is an especially fitting tribute, and hopefully just one of many we'll see over the coming days and weeks — after all, in the face of this horrific tragedy, Parisians have come together in throngs to help out those in need. We're fortunate to have had part of his performance caught on camera, as the hope it spreads is especially needed now more than ever.