5 Incredible Ways Paris Citizens Came Together During The Attacks To Help Those In Need

In the aftermath of a series of horrifying attacks in Paris, France on Friday, Parisians came together to help those in need. The Paris terrorist attacks left more than 120 dead, and many seeking shelter, safety, and refuge during this time. Cafés, the Bataclan concert hall, and the Stade de France — where a friendly France-Germany football match was taking place — were among the sites of attack Friday night, and Saturday, much of the city remains under lockdown as officials urge Parisians to remain inside their homes. Even worse, the situation grows increasingly devastating as more details continue to emerge.

As Paris continues to mourn this tragedy, though, thankfully some semblance of hope has emerged: Parisians have been showing an inspiring amount of kindness and hospitality to their fellow citizens. For instance, citizens have been using social media as a way to communicate important updates, keep each other safe, and stand together in solidarity. Doors have opened, uplifting messages are being spread, and Paris has united as one. Witnessing the citizens respond to the atrocious attacks by selflessly being there for each other — no questions asked — serves as proof once again that we are all in this together.

Here are some of the specific ways Paris' citizens have helped and are continuing to help one another during this time:

1. Using #PorteOuverte To Find/Provide Shelter

Parisians were using the hashtag #PorteOuverte on Twitter to offer safe accommodation for stranded citizens.

2. Using #RechercheParis To Find Loved Ones

The hashtag #RechercheParis was created so citizens could locate their loved ones, including those who attended the concert at the Bataclan Theater, or anyone who may have been dining in or around the Cambodge restaurant.

3. The Sikh Temples Opened To Provide Shelter

One man reminded Twitter that any Sikh Temples will be open to stranded citizens.

4. Paris Taxi Drivers Offered Free Rides

According to Sophie Pilgrim, a France 24 correspondent, Parisian taxis turned off their meters in an effort to help citizens find shelter, free of charge.

5. Important Phone Numbers And Information Have Been Shared Via Twitter

Parisians and Twitter users around the world are supplying each other with vital information and contacts.

There's no doubt that the resilience of Paris — and its citizens — will continue to shine through as the city recovers from the attacks.