Justin Bieber's Fans Are Not Very Happy Right Now

How much would you pay to take a photo with Justin Bieber? That seems to be the question of the morning, as fans trend #justiceforbrokeliebers in response to Bieber's Ultimate #Purpose Experience price. According to the New York Daily News, the more expensive of Bieber's VIP packages includes special seating and a selfie with the singer — but will cost you $2,000. The lower end of the scale, which will run you $925. While the latter option will land you a photo with the Biebs, it will be a group snap.

There's a wide range of unhappy reactions, but the most prevalent seems to be Beliebers reminding the singer that he's made his millions because of them and for them to pay to meet him is giving him even more cash. Considering the speculation that Bieber's Purpose is expecting to debut at No. 1, it's understandable why fans would feel betrayed about spending so much money just to get a photo with him. Of course, in comparison, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato have a $10,000 VIP package on their tour. Still, packages in the thousands of dollars are a lot to ask of fans who are too young to have full-time jobs.

In contrast, Taylor Swift meet and greet passes are acquired through a variety of means, but money is not one of them. Of course, that means wagering your chances, but at least it's a somewhat level playing field for the contenders. Given that all of the aforementioned artists are in high demand, it's understandable that not every one of the thousands of fans at the shows are able to meet them. So what's the best strategy?

I tend to side with Swift's decision, primarily because it doesn't ask even more of the parents who are taking their kids to these shows and spending money on the tickets in the first place. Growing up, I was lucky to attend a concert of one of my favorite artists — I can't imagine my parents forking over thousands for a quick photo with them.

There might not be a clear solution to the meet and greet dilemma, but charging high fees is certainly something artists should reconsider, especially when fans already spend so much money supporting their careers.

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