Amber Rose Wears Statement Sunglasses In Selfie With Miss Piggy — PHOTO

Sometimes, a fabulous pair of oversized or unique sunglasses is all you need to add a major dose of glam to your look. Well, Amber Rose posed with Miss Piggy and of course the model rocked her usual statement shades. Not even Miss Piggy, who is very much a beauty and fashion icon, could could get her fellow glamazon Rose to part with her big and beautiful shades while inside.

Rose, whose close-cropped, blonde hair, copious tattoos, and killer curves are also part of her signature look, is almost never seen without larger-than-life shades. Personally, I totally envy her shade style, since I wear sunglasses all day, every day, up until the last possible minute of daylight fades.

I prefer big, dark, and unusually shaped sunglasses because I can see out, but you can't see in. They are utterly perfect for maintaining mystique and accessorizing your face. But my girl Rose takes the big shades thing to a whole other level.

Hers are always huge, futuristic, and aren't the kind you can find when browsing at your local mall or even at a high end department store counter. Speaking as a sunglass enthusiast, though, if you're looking for something really unique, I suggest Valley Eyewear for unique, upscale, and fabulous shades.

Rose is the queen of unique sunglasses and stayed true to her signature even when posing with the queen of everything aka Miss Piggy.

Piggy was all about her blinged out necklace and her major lashes, while Rose hid her peepers behind her windshield-like shades. She added some diamonds posts to her ears and hot pink lipstick completed the look.

Here are nine other times that Rose's sunglasses game was on point.

This, this is why Amber Rose is a girl after my own heart. She even wears black sunnies in the shower. Notice her Moschino iPhone case.

There are aviator shades and then there are Amber Rose aviators! These looked like flight instructor goggles and were amazing.

Her matte frames and mirrored lenses were a contrasting combo that I can so get down with.

These shades are what you'd wear when riding a motorcycle, since they'd protect your fragile eyes from the elements.

These are the most exaggerated cat eye sunglasses... ever. Meow.

These wiry, round frames look so old-fashioned, like vintage 3-D glasses or something.

Rose was a golden goddess in this liquid metal pair, which were from her own sunglasses range.

I'm way more interested in her white frames than her waist trainer in this snap.

She can probably watch a movie with those astronaut-worthy sunnies.

Rose did launch her own The Bash Collection... Eyewear by Amber Rose, which will also aid her fans in their quest to copy her eyewear. Season 1 offerings are much more wearable and tame than some of the shades she rocks. But they are definitely fashion forward.

The square, Mr. Blonde pair is my favorite, due to the color and the size. They even come with a vegan leather drawstring case. ($50,

Images: Courtesy Brands